Why ActiveCollab Wont Nix BaseCamp

I remember reading Paul’s Being 37Signals for Free a while back and thinking yeh, that could happen. ActiveCollab, a free BaaseCamp clone won’t be what brings 37Signals down though, not even if Techcrunch say so.

With ActiveCollab, you have to download and install it. And the fundamental point Marshall Kirkpatrick misses is that essentially, people are lazy. BaseCamp is inexpensive, AND you can use it pretty much immediately via free trial.

Now, if someone were to use the open source ActiveCollab code to open a new hosted service for free, with a tolerable business model, that’s be a proper threat…

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One thought on “Why ActiveCollab Wont Nix BaseCamp

  1. I agree Nick, BaseCamp will be around for a while. Not to mention the fact that BaseCamp has done a great job of developing a monster of a community, which is very involved in the direction of the product. IE Basecamp and Campfire integration.

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