How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Your Advantage

Twitter hashtags are an easy way to make your tweets more searchable by people that could be interested in them and your company’s products and services. However, it is easy to go overboard, so utilize these basic hashtag guidelines to make sure the use of hashtags on your company’s Twitter account is useful, not annoying […]

How Do I Link Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

When your site gains links from other sites, its authority and ranking can increase. I say can because the authority of sites linking to you has some influence on the ranking you receive (though there are many other factors). I’m not going to claim to be an SEO. Still, it’s safe to say that linkbuilding […]

How To Beat The Blank Page of Doom

Sometimes when I write blog posts I know what I want to say but struggle with how to say it. Do you ever have that problem? I guess it is partly due to my perfectionism, and maybe kind of down to my now infamous “analysis paralysis”. There are just so many times I can rewrite […]

What Schmidt Isn’t Saying About Click Fraud

It took me a while to track down this comment from when Google CEO Eric Schmidt originally said that Click Fraud was a “non issue”. Now ZDNet are bringing up the Schmidt quote again in light of recent high profile Click Fraud cases, it’s worth pointing out what he’s not telling you… Schmid said: Eventually, […]

Why ActiveCollab Wont Nix BaseCamp

I remember reading Paul’s Being 37Signals for Free a while back and thinking yeh, that could happen. ActiveCollab, a free BaaseCamp clone won’t be what brings 37Signals down though, not even if Techcrunch say so. With ActiveCollab, you have to download and install it. And the fundamental point Marshall Kirkpatrick misses is that essentially, people […]