Who Won The Performancing Treasure Hunt?

Performancing is happy to announce that Kiltak from Geeks Are Sexy, won the Performancing Treasure Hunt.

Even we were impressed by the speed with which he solved each clue…even as they got progressively more difficult.

Congrats Kiltak! You win the following prizes!

  1. 1 hour free consultation with Chris Garret (value $150)
  2. Free custom logo from Randa Clay (value $350)
  3. 1-year free Professional MegaEdition subscription to PMetrics (value $99)
  4. Professional linkbait service – 1 linkbait plus promotion (value $2,000)
  5. Blog Reboot – a step-by-step report on how to improve your blog (value $500)
  6. SEO Reboot – free keyword research report + SERPS analysis (value $350)
  7. Custom tweak / install of Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme (value $500)
  8. A free lifetime submission to the EatonWeb Blog Directory (value priceless)

10 thoughts on “Who Won The Performancing Treasure Hunt?

  1. Well, the sad thing is that I recently paid a designer for our current theme…

    What am I going to do with that Revolution Custom Tweak?

  2. Aw .. I should have guessed a GEEK would have won the contest :p

    just kidding – congrats to Kiltak – and YES you should make a speech with all of those prizes I think you should start taking screenshots – for the BEFORE picture library

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