6 thoughts on “Which Self Hosted Publishing Software Do You Use?

  1. I will vote for WordPress because it allow me to change my theme often.. It is noted for its rich features..It has a look and feel compatability and very user friendly.I am sure that WordPress will have many votes…

  2. I wasn’t too surprised to see that Word Press had the most votes, I’ve been using it for a while now and have no major issues with it or complaints that I can’t handle.
    Shiny Up,
    Poet Horton

  3. @Alex the Freelance Twin
    I once built my own multi user blog CMS. It had RSS and subdomains like wordpress MU.

    I scraped because it took too long to maintain. I’ve moved my attention to Drupal and WordPress. On my job I do Joomla.

  4. Wow I’m the first one to mark Other? I use my own content-management-system I built year ago and have (obviously) upgraded since then. It doesn’t have the features WordPress has, but it’s simple and fast, and I can make changes instantly since I built it!

    About the only thing it doesn’t handle is “Categories” because all my blogs are different niches, so categories haven’t been essential yet.

  5. I tried looking through the archives for a similar type of poll but I couldn’t find it. So, I started up another one. Apologies if one like this has been created recently.

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