11 thoughts on “Which Do You Trust More, .ORG or .NET domains?

  1. I am totally for .org when considering the trust factor, although since nowadays everyone is able to register a .org domain people are becoming more skeptical about them as time passes

  2. I own both .net and .org … but for the longest time I actually thought that .org was reserved only for non-profit organizations. Precisely because of that idea (misconception) I think I trust .org sites more. However, previous posters are right.

  3. Unless your talking about single word dictionary terms, .NET and .ORG don’t exist for me.

    Besides, it’s the content that sells, not the domain extension.

    .biz and .info are not trustworthy to me.

  4. Based on everything I have read, .com is still the premiere TLD to have. .net usually comes in second with .org being third. Interesting to notes that these domains had a purpose back when they were first created but now adays, they have no meaning as non-organizations have .org domains and non networks use .net domains.

    .coms are becoming harder and harder to come by, wonder if we will ever run out of them.

  5. there are times that both are useful. it doesn’t matter i think whether of the two. but in some reasons .net is much used especially for networking reasons and other domains.

  6. Whilst personally .org inspires more trust, I look at .net as a more generic one. I guess for SEO reasons, they make no difference. Although .net should be used for networking purposes, I think the majority just use it as an alternative to .com when not available.

    Nowadays, .NET is more referred to as short for INTER(NET) ey too!

  7. I do not trust a .org that is not clearly a not-for-profit or a charity. And a .net that has no networking purpose — either a communication network or a community — makes no sense to me either.

    When someone uses either .org or .net inappropriately, it just makes them seem inexperienced at best; deceptive at worse.

  8. I don’t see a big difference anymore.

    When I bought Linkmoney.org I thought it might attract people looking to learn something, but I personally don’t think it makes a difference.

    Color me neutral.

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