What’s Wrong with Yahoo Tech?

Is it just me, or is there nothing that makes you want to click on this newly launched tech site from Yahoo?

I don’t think they could have got it any more wrong if they’d tried.

It looks like it’s entirely made out of ads. On close inspection i can see that some of the ads are actually links to content (they appear to be, im not clicking on general principle heh..) but if this is supposed to be Y!’s entry into the lucrative tech content space then I’d say all you gadget bloggers out there lucked out.

Cos that’s just shite.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Yahoo Tech?

  1. Whats wrong with the yahoo reply box? I refreshed a thousand times but it don’t show up. I can’t send any emails but I can receive and read? thats weird. Anyone has any ideas?


  2. I usually like Yahoo! stuff, some of my favourite services are owned by Yahoo! … this though … what were they thinking? I hope they get their game back soon. Google and MSN will be laughing at this.

  3. Seems like that has been Yahoo’s problem in the past as well. They aren’t willing to roll out new products without cramming it full of blatantly obvious ways they are trying to monetize it. Where’s the beef?

  4. I just went there actually looking for information. I found a bad interface and a page that doesn’t give me anything useful.

    Bleh. SO many are doing tech so much better. Waste of time, Yahoo.

  5. With this launch there’s a lot of things in Yahoo! Tech that are sort of playing out a live test ground including the layout/design and AJAX, so it is not expected to be perfecto on launch day, but as with everything, will be tightened down with feedback & data.

  6. I have just checked it and it is crappy. It is as crappy as the new Y! mail interface or Y! 360 and the layout is just plain ugly. I clicked around a little and even wrote a short comment in a very slow Ajax comment box to an article. The answer after posting the comment: ‘You may have to wait a minute before your comment appears. Please don’t repost.’ Arghh, this is unbelievable.

    I really don’t know what is going on in the Yahoo! sphere. They have and had great products but the latest product releases are not acceptable because of bad performance combined with ugly layout (Y! mail, Y! 360, Y! tech). Yahoo! never was famous for good layout but at least they offered good performance. This seems to change in a bad way.

    Well Nick, I am not sure if I should thank you for making me aware of that Y! tech monster 🙂

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