Timing Content Creation to Match Interest Peaks

Identify the waves of interest for your content niche! Every content niche basically has High-Interest Periods and Low-Interest Periods (Hip and Lip :-). This short article will just show an example and mention some reasons and how you can make sure that you don’t miss the ‘waves of interest’.

To answer the last question first … it is simply a question of ‘if, then’ realization. If you realize that you have found a High-Interest Period, then make sure to have a workflow for repeating events in place. Following Nicks 80/20 rule you are of course allowed to ‘borrow’ High-Interest subjects which do not belong to your niche i.e. ‘christmas gifts’ 🙂 The best tool to manage High-Interest events is a simple calendar solution or for more complex issues a project manager software. Act in advance!

The reason to react to High-Interest Periods (in advance) is pretty simple. One reason is that every spontaneous reader might transfer into a regular visitor. This way you will build a kind of stairway to the higher levels of visitor traffic. Another reason is by reacting in advance to High-Interest Periods you proof your competence in that content niche. Not to mention quotes and backlinks you get in advance of the event!

The last three weeks I have seen an example live on my ‘local newspaper’ website. In detail I announced the date for a yearly repeating local street party a while ago. Then I realized the increase in interest through my PMetrics search engine statistics during the last two weeks and covered it again as a medium size note. Finally I wrote a single complete full featured article only for that event three days before and watched my traffic rising higher then ever expected for that date. Check out the Google search for “Bunte Lange Reihe” – My site and the sidekicks cover the results three to seven and are the first results for 2006! Traffic is still rolling in because people want to see pictures or comments on that event – I should cover that interest too but I don’t but I will be prepared next time to do so 🙂

One very important reason to have a structure of ‘advanced coverage’ is the raising of interest followed by a good publishing timing. If you publish the article with all whistles and bells too early then you might not be in place when the peak of interest occurs! Follow the basic structure: announcement, notice and a single final full featured article followed by a critic and preview for the next occurrence.

To make a long story short … be prepared to cover High-Interest Periods and announce coverage for that in Low-Interest Periods in advance!

How do you identify and deal with High-Interest periods?

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