Weekly Link Dump Two

My FeedReader always provides me a wealth of content that I can’t consume on a daily basis but within that content lies a myriad of tips and tricks by many, many different blogs out on the net. Here are a few articles which I noticed in my travels.

Add Breadcrumbs to your WordPress Blog – BloggingTips reviews a plugin which adds breadcrumbs to your WordPress theme.

Podcasters Wanted: Will Work for Show Promotion?
– Blogger And Podcaster magazine are offering up the opportunity for readers to help create the podcast edition of the site. Those who are selected will receive the chance to plug their own show or service and will obtain a 1/4 page ad in the magazine.

7 Certain Ways to Crucify Your Content – Shilpan Patel of Success Soul provides seven ways to help steer your content from an immediate negative vibe while also providing techniques from which to improve your writing.

Are You TrustWorthy – CopyBlogger goes over the importance of being trustworthy with your readers.

ProBlogger Headline Writing Contest – Darren Rowse is at it again and this time, his group writing project centers around creating a killer post title. Up for grabs is an identity logo created by David Airey. Sweet prize!

Proof positive that you should not post negative things about your coworkers on a blog.

5 Ways to Imitate the 10 Most Popular Blogs – Easton does a good job covering five things which the top 10 blogs all seem to have in common.

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