Weekly Link Dump

While we strive to give you well researched thoughts, opinions and strategies to help you become a better blogger, we realize there is a ton of noise out their on the internet which is hard to wade through. This post is my weekly link dump which contains links to articles which caught my eye during the week in relation to blogging.

Keywebdata – Google testing Digg Like Interface. Let’s users edit search results If Google really rolls out this social search feature, could this be the end of the line for social media sites?

Onecoolsite – How To Become A better Blogger Part 3 – Ethics And Links In part three of an ongoing series Onecoolsite takes a look at two things all bloggers must face. Ethics and links.

DailyBlogTips – Behind The Scenes: Check Out The Desktop of 30 Bloggers DBT has screenshots of 30 different desktops from 30 different bloggers. What fascinates me is that some of these desktops are filled to the brim with icons. How do these bloggers get anything done with organization like that?

CollegeDegrees – 100 Useful Web Tools For Writers Laura Milligan compiled a list of 100 different tools to keep in mind if you’re a writer. The list covers a variety of topics such as, organization, inspiration and getting writing gigs.

ChrisBrogan – If You Intend To Blog Seriously Just about everything this man writes is link worthy and this post is no exception. After reading this post, you may think twice before hitting that publish button.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Link Dump

  1. No, thank you for continuing with the series. Blogging Ethics is something I’ve been looking into recently as I’ve been curious as to how to go about certain situations which crop up in the blogosphere. You’re doing a great job with the series, keep it up!

  2. I began this How to Become a Better Blogger series due to requests from my readers and I have received many comments and much support for continuing the series. Thanks for finding my Ethics and Links post worthy of linking to and recommending to other bloggers. I appreciate it.

  3. Love the DBT link. Excellent idea for user generated linkbait. And I agree with you, some of those desktops have too many icons! I used to have many icons on my desktop but when I took them all out, my productivity increased.

    Great list by Chris Brogan. I like that viewpoint of looking at your blogging as a whole body of work. Some of us blog so much that we’re basically writing as much as a novelist. Yet is our “novel” mostly rehashed content or something conceptually new. Tough question but definitely something we all need to think about.

  4. Good list… I read the one on Google testing out the digg like interface… very interesting. I think a mix of social bookmarking and search is the future of the internet. When I can’t find what I’m looking for with Google I tend to go to a social bookmarking site and search there.

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