We’re doing something really cool in Hive right now…

One of the really cool things about Performancing Hive is the cooperative social media experiments that we get to do together. In just a few weeks, Hive has grown to over 40 members and we can do things together that we can’t do alone. That’s what Hive is all about.

And right now, we’re doing something really cool. Something that will benefit everyone, especially those with smaller blogs. So I encourage you to join Hive. Yes, it does cost $10 per month. But the help you’ll get from others makes it worth so much more.

Again, if you join right now, you’ll be coming into the middle of a fun social experiment that’s already seeing really nice results.

Come in. The water’s nice.

9 thoughts on “We’re doing something really cool in Hive right now…

  1. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the feedback as to what’s inside. I really liked the post from debng “Why I belong to Hive”.

  2. A creamy, caramel filling. YUM! Oh wait, that’s a candy review. Hive – lots of great tips to help your blog get more traffic and make more money!

  3. Invaluable SEO and promotion tips from the experts, brainstorming with people who aren’t trying to sell you an ebook, a place to toss around around ideas and get valuable feedback and a community filled with people who are happy to help.

  4. JDog -> Right now, $100+ worth of cooperation, social love and networking. Getting to know the best in the business on a personal level.

    Oh, and we plan to release weekly expert reports…but those are being developed at the moment.

  5. What’s inside: Blogging and promotions advice from senior Performancing members, tips, social networking, special reports, ideas for articles. For starters.

  6. Sounds good but what’s inside? I need more detail to cough up 10 bucks 😉 If it makes you feel any better the post got me to sign up for Performacing. I have just been a reader for a while and look forward to getting involved more.

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