Using Google Trends To Track The Most Successful Super Bowl Commercials

This morning I’ve been having some fun with Google trends. It occurred to me last night while I was watching the Super Bowl that it would be cool if there were a clear way to identify the most successful Super Bowl ad in a manner other than voting (which is totally unscientific).

The cool thing about search is that it reflects people’s memories. People search on things they can recall. And a good advertisement will lodge itself in people’s memories.

The problem with Super Bowl ad voting is that it doesn’t take the phenomenon of memory or brand recall into consideration. If a person watches an ad, they might like it, but they might also forget it. The advertisers don’t care if people like the ad. They care if people remember the ad and then make purchases based on the ad.

So, this morning when I was looking at Google Trends it occurred to me that this might very well be the best indication of Super Bowl ad success. So according to Google trends, the most successful Super Bowl ads at this point have been:

The NFL itself (Chester Pitts)
cadillac escalade hybrid
hyundai genesis
audi r8

2 thoughts on “Using Google Trends To Track The Most Successful Super Bowl Commercials

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  2. Ah, very interesting use of Google Trends. I used to check Trends daily, but i’ve slipped. Thanks for reminding me.

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