Use IconFinder To Locate Icons

Are you having a hard time finding cool looking icons to use on your site? If so, check out IconFinder is a search engine specifically created to look for icons within their database. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any WordPress icons but when I typed in money, I was greeted with eight different results.

IconFinder provides a number of different ways to hone your search such as the ability to control the size range from 0px to 128px, the number of icons per search result page, and the color of the background. The background color is particularly interesting because you not only get a chance to see how the icon looks on a white background, but also on a gray and finally, black background.

In the top left corner of the search results, you’ll find the image format while on the opposite side, you’ll see the meta information for that image which includes designer, license, package, and tags.

Overall, a very nice site that makes finding cool icons a very simple process. Oh, and they have a really cool logo as well!

4 thoughts on “Use IconFinder To Locate Icons

  1. It’s a nice little search enigne but unless they add more sites to search results it’ll only be a novelty. It just gives too few results for the most commons keywords to treat it seriously.

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