Tim O’Reilly Speaks, Oh Boy…..

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the kerfuffle over O’Reilly sending a C&D over the term web2.0, and the tech blogosphere has been waiting for a response from Tim with baited breath. Well, here it is: Tim O’Reilly speaks.

The post raises a ton of points, most of which im going to ignore as it’s past my bedtime and I could be here till next week trying to comment on them all…

A couple of things I’d like to say though: I can understand Tim being upset, but slamming bloggers for not being journalists is just naive. The ‘sphere is a mad, out of control mob at times, and it’s not going to change, it’s only going to get worse. That’s just the way it is.

Having said that, the cream does rise to the top, and those at the top, the thought leaders in tech blogging, should indeed show a little respect, and perhaps restraint when someone with such a stella reputation is under-fire and not their to defend themselves.

It almsot certainly wont happen though.

As for the whole “who owns web2.0” shinanigans, i’ll leave that for others to debate.

If I was really cynical, I’d say that there is a very good lesson in how to deflect attention in Tim’s post 🙂 Havefun reading that one, it’s long, but worth the time it takes as it brings up jsut sooo many questions…

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3 thoughts on “Tim O’Reilly Speaks, Oh Boy…..

  1. Tim-O: I know you’re not reading this, but I don’t want anyone else to misunderstand. I love the O’Reilly “animal” books and own pretty much every single one that has to do with Perl, PHP, Java, and JavaScript – and a few others. I highly recommend the well-written O’Reilly books.

    I just think this idiocy 2.0 is, well, silly. Wouldn’t you rather be thought of as groundbreakers instead of wasting your breath going after people for using a new term that is so generic it doesn’t deserve a trademark? Jesse James Garrett is not going after anyone about “AJAX” and that sounds cool. You lifted your proverbal skirt and don’t want anyone to look?

  2. Got to agree with Raj. Web 2.0 was a hot-air invented term that they mainly use to push their conferences, now they are upset others want to cash in, all I can say is they made their bed-o-spin-and-marketing, people drank it up, now they have to live with it.

  3. Tim-O: web 2.0 web 2.0 web 2.0 web 2.0 web 2.0 web 2.0 web 2.0

    Oh yeah, web 2.0


    It’s a stupid term and I’m more than happy not to use it.

    Irresponsible Raj V3.0

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