The Performancing BlogRank Top 100 List

We’re very proud to announce the Performancing BlogRank Top 100 List list today. After much messing with code, hair pulling and swearing, you can now see the top 100 blogs using Metrics to track their traffic.

BlogRank Widgets

We’ve even made a neat little widget for those of you who’d like to dynamically display their BlogRank on your blogs.

Isn’t it pretty?

It will update daily with your BlogRank as the ranks are calculated (at least for now) nightly.

Note: You must have your stats set to “public” in order to see the rank widget. (It only shows a very high level summary to public)

How BlogRank Is Calculated

Well, that would be telling now wouldnt it? heh..

At present it’s a very simple algorithm based on page views, but we are working on bringing other factors into play in order to create a really useful, interesting list. Keep an eye on it, and do let us know how we’re doing.

Enjoy, and do let us know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “The Performancing BlogRank Top 100 List

  1. Since most of my Blogs are in various smaller niche categories it would be great to have a widget that identifies my ranking within one or more categories.

  2. @Chris: blogrank n from the total number of blogs analyzed by PMetrics.

    The categories would be an additional feature to see how a blog ranks in a specific category. My local news site would i.e. be ‘News’ and ‘German’.

  3. Right now it is updated every 24hrs, we are still working out the wrinkles so keep watching

  4. I’d be interested to know how you are going to standardize the ranking over time. For example this morning I was right around 1500, now I’m almost at 1000.

  5. How do you mean n from total? We have tags which are kinda like categories, we could do lists for blogs tagged with X?

  6. Rank n from ‘total’ would be a nice blogrank option.

    Feature request: Blog owners could categorize their blog. Country, topic, system, type of page (blog, website, personal diary, …). I am sure you have thought about such an option already 🙂

  7. You cant right now. We did consider doing a top 500 but as it has to be tweaked to remove adult sites and non-blogs etc it seemed more manageable at least for now to do just the 100

    It’s no secret how many blogs are being tracked though, we passed the 10,000 mark a few weeks back.

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