4 thoughts on “Guide to Installing WordPress Locally on XP

  1. Until I got my own linux dev server I used xampp, I find it very useful but sadly a lot of hosts miss stuff out of their default configs like gd or fopen support it seems so its best to actually match what you have

  2. Indeed, it is lots of fun to have your own server locally to test and not worry that you’re going to bring a whole server down. I try to replicate my Dreamhost server as much as I can (albeit my hosting is Linux and I primarily use Windows) with Apache settings, PHP settings, etc. I don’t use XAMPP, but I install every component myself. I should give XAMPP a try sometime though.

  3. I’ve built my sites locally for years. I have a great setup to mirror performancing at home, as does chris, so we can work locally, then using a versioning system called subversion upload our changes to a staging box, then if happy, roll the code to here.

    bit convoluted, but very useful when working on large projects, and lots of fun

  4. I’ve made the installation a week ago and it was relatively painless. It’s actually been quite useul for me to try out different themes, layouts on my “development” server as opposed to a “production” site.

    Also, I’m not always able to connect to the internet. When I have an idea for a post, all I do is fire up the laptop and start working in the familiarity of the WordPress environment (I haven’t switched to Performancing yet). I can also preview how the post will look and fix other layout issues since it is as simple as switching my installation to a theme that the site would be using. When I’m able to get online, it’s just a simple copy and paste to put the finished draft on my blogs.

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