The Geeks Are Sexy “How-To” Contest

We know a good blogging contest when we see one. And this is one you’ll want to participate in. It’s easy. It’s straight forward, and you can have fun doing it too.

Performancing is proud to be sponsoring the Geeks Are Sexy Ultimate How-To Contest. It’s a celebration of the site’s 2 year anniversary. Great accomplishment guys!

Basically, all you have to do is write a killer How-To article on some geeky topic, post it on your site, and then submit it to the contest. Geeks aren’t just techies. Geeks love hot chicks. Cool geeks know raw muscle when they see it. Geeks need to stay healthy. Geeks need business tips. Some geeks might want to know how to look like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. Other geeks think soccer is really called football. Most geeks need to learn how to breathe fresh air at least once a week.

Whatever the topic of your blog, I’m sure you can write something geeky. And you just might win a free one year subscription to pMetrics in addition to other really cool prizes.

If you do participate in the GAS contest, make sure to post your entries here at Performancing as well.

2 thoughts on “The Geeks Are Sexy “How-To” Contest

  1. I guess I need to change my cute puppies pic to Rob Zombie/ Gandalf hybrid pic. (Check on Hallowe’en – one night only)

  2. I know just the topic to post about…

    Btw, you know that soccer beats the pants off ‘football’, right?

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