WordPress Theme Release: Estranged from Performancing

After a month’s hiatus, Performancing is excited to bring you its latest wordpress theme, Estranged. Designed by Thord Hedengren the theme utilizes large, crisp fonts to create a simple yet eye-catching theme design.

As a two column theme, some people might be turned off by the presence of only one sidebar, but as a problogger, I can confirm that all of my most successful sites are actually single sidebar designs. Why is that? Because the best way to monetize a blog is to highlight the content, and then monetize within the content. Sidebar monetization is way oversold. Trust me.

On a personal note, I love this theme so much that I am already personally using Estranged on several of my blogs including Psych Grad School and plan to eventually modify it for use on College Startup, my home blog.

With a unique color scheme and big, bold font, the Estranged theme can literally work for any blogging environment. I personally like it in the college/education niche, but I know at least one person whose going to be using it for a left-leaning political blog and another whose going to use it for a health related blog. The fact is, the theme is perfect for any site that takes it’s content seriously.

To see a live preview of the theme, click here.
To download the theme, click here.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Release: Estranged from Performancing

  1. Thank you for this great theme. I would like to add a header picture, can you help me to find out how to do this ?


  2. The theme is really nice, but the the code is a mess. There’s a mix of ready-to-localize and unprepped strings. Did it ever occur to you, that people could want to use the theme for non-English blogs?

    Please check this page from the WordPress Codex.

    Isn’t Performancing about quality content? Well, you should start with quality here…

  3. Brett, you’re going to taint with an artist’s work? How dare you;-)

    Seriously, though, I plan to increase the font sizes!! I love the bigness.

  4. I like the look of the theme, I’d decrease the font sizes if I used it myself, but I do like it.

    It works better in IE7 than some of the other themes that we’ve seen here recently.

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