The Best Thing You Can Do Today To Become Niche Dominant…

…is to build a list of 50-100 strong contacts in your niche.

Start visiting the best blogs and websites in your niche. Find the contact info. If it’s a contact form, paste the URL into your Notepad document. If it’s an email, paste the email into your Notepad document.

The next time you write a truly amazing piece, don’t hesitate to contact each blog or site owner individually, telling them you think their readers would enjoy your article. If the article is *truly* good, then they will most likely link back.

Soon enough, you will become an authority in your niche…assuming, that is, that you are producing quality content.

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing You Can Do Today To Become Niche Dominant…

  1. Also if you are runnning a contest on your blog, submit it to your “established contact list” and have them spread the word for you, then (in time) you can reciprocate.

    Make it a good contest, too.

  2. Definitely good advice. And if you can write good quality content, you’re capable of drafting an email that won’t look like spam. My only problem right now (besides time constraints 😉 ) is that I’m struggling to find even a couple of people serving my niche. But perhaps that is a good thing?

  3. If you get to know these contacts a little better, there are other rewards. For example, they might start sending helpful links your way that can provide inspiration. Also, you may score a blogger interview or two .

  4. Raj, if you’re content is good enough, and your tact sophisticated enough, and your emails rare enough, then there is no need to “get to know” your contacts.

    I had huge success emailing sports sites my latest PopCrunch bait, and I didn’t know any of them.

  5. Solid advice. I also like to go add them on all the social networking sites, etc. I’ve found the best way is to start sending tips of interesting stuff related to what they write about. I know as a blogger I really appreciate that and reward the people who send tips with links. It’s a great ice breaker and a way to give something. Obviously, don’t expect or demand a link or even a response. Be genuine, contribute and I think you’ll find the results are pretty amazing.

  6. Make sure that your “contacts” actually get to know you. Else be prepared to be called a mail spammer, link whore, etc.

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