The Benefits of Persistence: Part one

Speaking of persistence, just the other day I realized that I had a major social voting niche profile page with Page Rank 6. I honestly didn’t use any trick. I didn’t even try to build up the profile page. It just happened (as do most of the good things that I encounter on the web).

Well, it’s not quite true that “it just happened” – there’s a simple explanation. And it’s an explanation that anyone can duplicate: persistent voting.

Every day, I submit articles and vote at a handful of social voting sites. About half of them are niche sites and the other half are general (reddit, digg, netscape).

I participate in social voting for the sole purpose of building traffic and acquiring links (as you know, eyeballs pay the bills). But as an unintended consequence of persistently submitting to these handful of social voting sites for about 10 months now, almost on a daily basis, I now have several PR 5 and PR 6 profile pages. For those of you not in the know, that translates into leverage and power.

By persisting and doing what works on a daily basis, as an unintended consequence, I’m now able to wield quite a bit of power with each vote (and pass PageRank right back into my sites).

Anyone else have some examples of how the side effects of persistence have paid off?

6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Persistence: Part one

  1. I agree with this. One particular social voting site (not as popular as Digg or Reddit) gave me, on the short-term, increased traffic. The better part happened soon after the traffic surge, when the blog seemed to gain ‘TrustRank’ levels in Google (the PR update was still far away), resulting in sustained increased traffic levels (lower than the surge levels but definitely higher than the pre-social voting levels).

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed something similar. Tell you what though, I stay away from social media sites that nofollow my profile links! That’s just unfair in my opinion.

    Participation is key though. I’m not sure about you, but I’d tend to stick to one service and build profile on that than have several distributed (and lower pagerank) profiles on different platforms.

  3. Thanks for the info, Ryan. It’s time for me to do a google search and look for a social voting site in my niche.

  4. Ryan,
    Cmon you have to say which site worked out best for you. What site seemed to most reward your contribution.

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