The Most Powerful Characteristic of Successful Bloggers

Blogging CharacterUndeniably, we can’t help but admire the legends who came before us; who set the trends and standards that many aim to achieve and maintain. Financial success and fulfillment of life are very attractive goals but require the dedicated, passionate and sometimes lucky soul who will dare to venture and claim the prize.

In the world of blogging, this is no different and still there is only a small percentage of bloggers, in comparison to the entire blogosphere,  who actually achieve huge success through blogging. After taking note, you will find that there are a few key characteristics that most probloggers possess like persistence, focus and passion but there is one more requirement to the mix. That ingredient is the ability to change and adapt.

The Only Thing That Remains Constant Is Change

In the early 20th century, the US patent office was thinking of closing down because they felt that all inventions were developed and all discoveries were made that they thought could ever exist. Yet even today, 100 years later, each day there is a new product, service or idea being launched. This is the dynamism of life and if we are blogging to provide for an info-hungry audience then we will need to stay in tune with changes in their expectations as well as the changing details and standards on the web.

Stay In Tune With Your Audience

Depending on your niche, the extent of  changes and development may differ. However, rest assured that your audience will be expecting useful cutting edge information and services from you. So if you’re launching a technology news blog, you need to be prepared to meet the demands of finding the latest buzz and deliver it on time and when your audience will be most interested about it.

Maintaining a dedicated readership requires that you adapt to changes in your niche as well as their needs and expectations.

Overcome The Hard Times

On your blogging journey, it is guaranteed that at some point you will experience various problems that will challenge your abilities and your success. Cherish these moments and never succumb. These are the golden opportunities to learn and become a stronger blogger. Adapt to difficult situations by thoroughly rethinking and adjusting your blogging strategies to something that solves your present problems and achieve more.

Primary Key To Blogging Success

In an ever changing marketplace it is vital that you learn to adapt and change for the better. Whether it be marketing strategies or simply changing annoying or harmful habits. Your ability to adapt and change within your blogging niche places you above the average blogger who copies everyone else and follows and never lead. Take for example; they consistently provide cutting edge information and services relating to social media and technology news and because of their superior stance on developing new strategies and adapting to changes in the marketplace, they are among the best worldwide. An achievement that could not be possible if they wanted on the go ahead from someone else. Instead, they chose to be a cutting edge leader in their industry.


I know that many of us feel stuck and molded in our ways and outlook, and find it difficult to keep track; but if we lack the things our audience crave then be prepared to be left behind in an ever changing world.

So right now, take some time to asses where your blog is and where it could be. Your readers’ comments are not for decoration but can provide insight into what they need and are looking for. Dare to excel!

7 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Characteristic of Successful Bloggers

  1. Change Change Change, this is the word that reflects in the whole post. rightly said, a blogger needs to keep himself updated with latest trends and development and his blogs need to be relevant to the current developments and new ideas. Importantly a blogger needs to understand the expectations of his target audience.

  2. Hey Sean,

    You’ve started on the right path there. 100 dedicated readers that strongly value your work and advice is more valuable than 500 random visitors. Slow yet sure and steady growth is always more beneficial in the long-term and provides more sustainable benefits.

    Thanks for commenting Sean.

  3. I started my blog this year as a new years goal to start providing quality content to my readers and fans. I wanted to help them out and meat whatever goals they had online. What I came to find out was while I started out with only a few fans, readers, twitters or what have you its grown and continues to grow each day. Don’t expect it to happen over night. Stay focus and engage with your readers even if that means 5 of them.

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