Talking About Blog Monetization

I’ve just seen Darren talking about monetization, specifically about when to monetize. It’s a good post, and outlines the two major schools of thought on this, and also reminds me that last week we had a cracking discussion on the same topic in the Performancing blog forums.

If you’re looking for the lowdown on when to monetize, check out those two great discussions…

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Author: nickw

One thought on “Talking About Blog Monetization

  1. In my honest opinion, the revenue model should be laid out the first day the blog (or any other web site) becomes available to visitors.

    Having more ads than content might look weird to the new visitors who may feel overwhelmed and somewhat turned off but the smart web builders know adding a few AdSense zones won’t offend most visitors, in fact, they’ll probably find the links useful.

    Just make sure the ads somehow bring added value to the presentational mix and you’re on to the Winner’s Circle! Overwhelm the visitors with an onslaught of ads and of course, it could spin the other way.

    Ads are good, as long as they’re used wisely.

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