Spread Performancing Firefox

If you’d like to show your support for our Performancing Firefox Blog Editor, or just tell your readers where they can get it, then please feel free to use the images on this page in your blogrolls, sidebars or posts.

Choose an Image

You can just right click and choose “save as” with any of the images below, or even grab a zip of the whole lot so you can play around with them, modify or alter to suit. The zip is posted at the bottom of the page.

The following two sets of images were contributed by Wayde Christie and were the winning entries in our first PFF banners competition.



Grab the Code

You can use the code below, once you’ve uploaded the image you want, or do anything you like with them.

Get the Zip

If you want a zip of all the images on this page, you can download it here

Made Your Own Banners?

If you’d like ot make your own buttons/banners we’d love to see them! email a zip file of your images to [email protected] and we’ll post the ones we like best on this page.


Thankyou for your support of PFF, its a great tool, even if we do say so ourselves, and its all down to you. Fueled by your feedback, support and help over the last few months we’ve managed to shape PFF into one of the finest blog editor platforms on the market.

Not only that, it’s free, and will remain free!

3 thoughts on “Spread Performancing Firefox

  1. I just downloaded Performancing and I LOVE this thing!

    But it seems silly to promote the old version. We need a new banner (or like Jed said about, just lose the version number all together).

  2. We need to get versions of the banners that either say V 1.2 or preferably remove the version number and just have the ‘Try it Now’ text on the lower right corner.

    Can we get them from the original author?

  3. I suppose this could be construed as dropping a personal link, but I can’t think that it’s anything but relevant. So far, my evaluation of your extension is stellar, 5 of them to be exact. I’m planning on further testing using my Metroblogging account, and once I get comfortable I will write up a detailed post about PFF. Using the extension of course!

    Excellent work.

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