Spearheading Open Source pMetrics

We’re looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help us spearhead the Open Source pMetrics project using the old code and documentation. The goal of the project will be to improve and restructure the old pMetrics code with the following desiderata:

  1. Decentralize the server infrastructure
  2. Collect common, anonymous data that will benefit the entire Performancing community

In other words, one of the main issues with the old pMetrics was cost of operation. If we can distribute the operating infrastructure to the community, but still collect a minimal set of common data, the community could really benefit.

Anyone want to be actively involved in this project whether at a decision making level or coding level?

One thought on “Spearheading Open Source pMetrics

  1. I should add that we’re willing to pay someone to spearhead this project, so long as that person has previous experience with open source community development projects.

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