Sifry: ‘Sphere 60x Larger than 3yrs Ago

That’s great, but being the miserable party pooper that I am, i need to point out that the figures on Dave Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere post just aren’t reliable, as the amount of spam in the ‘sphere doesn’t appear to be accounted for, and Technorati certainly dont’ seem to be able to spot it.

Not Judging by the state of my rss subscriptions to Technorati results anyway.

Still, I DO like these things he puts out every quarter.

One thing that I wonder about every time i see these types of things is when will we finally stop gazing at our blogging navals in awe? I mean, really, the ‘sphere is growing, bloggers are human, people are arseholes, bloggers are saints… it goes on.

For a classic example see the headline over that BH this morning: Blogger arrested for Murder in Oklahoma – Heaven spare us all…

3 thoughts on “Sifry: ‘Sphere 60x Larger than 3yrs Ago

  1. Numbers are funny but who really cares if we have 10m or 100m or 1000 millions of blogs?

  2. Will we ever know the real size? So many “blogs” are just automated spam factories now, plus the definition of “blog” is so loose ..

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