Servers moving, expect some turbulence [Update]

Over the weekend the site and services will be moving hosting provider (the first of two moves), there might well be small pockets of turbulence but downtime will be kept to a minimum. Watch this space ..

Update: Looks like our interim hosting solution is not coping as well as hoped. I am going to begin moving over to (our hopefully long term) new host immediately.

Sorry to anyone who has experienced problems with the service, I am doing my best to keep things working.

11 thoughts on “Servers moving, expect some turbulence [Update]

  1. Chris – if I can help just let me know (not sure if I can but maybe something else to help out while you handle this…)

  2. Will do and I really am sorry guys. I am waiting to hear back on the new servers but an interim load balancing solution should be going in today at our current host. It’s been a bloomin’ nightmare but I am certainly learning lots about LAMP server administration!

  3. Chris, thank you for all the updates! Could you please make a general post when servers have successfully migrated?

    thank you!

  4. I hope stability will be the usual perception of the site.
    I have commented Perfromancing code to avoid blog stalling.
    In a few days, if the expected stability is shown, I´ll re-include code.

    (Another question is obtaining advertisers for Spanish market)

  5. Do you mean notes in the firefox extension? They are saved client side, no server contact involved.

    You will need to locate a file called “performancing-notes.xml”. On my machine the file is stored in

    C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\m4s7mrcq.default\extensions\performancing-notes.xml

  6. I am also concerned with losing my notes. Is there any way to save them elsewhere in times like these when Performancing is acting up?

    Are notes saved client side or server side? My notes are future blog posts that I really would not be happy in losing. Sorry to hear about your loss Brianafranco, hopefully they’ll be restored soon.


  7. Has anyone else lost their notes? I have even lost the ability to save a note.
    I receive an Error message…something about xml mismatch/

    I noticed that my note section is working fine on another browser (the one I dont use and don’t have 50 notes saved on)

  8. Yes if it was working before then sorry you might find as dns propagates there will be issues but refresh and things should return to normal, otherwise do check you have copied the code and inserted it into your template correctly?

  9. I guess it’s safe to assume that this is why the placeholder Performancing graphic is not showing up on my blog at the moment?

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