Search Engine History

Nowadays we take the existence of search engines, especially Google (and Bing) as normal and for many among us a life without Google would be hard to imagine. Whether it is because they are not older than 20 yet and have grown up in a world dominated by technology and the internet, or because they are baby boomers, probably having taken out more than one credit loan over the last two decades.

Let’s face it: search engines are everywhere nowadays and have become an integral part of our life, invading our space ever more. Whether it is web surfing the web on your computer, browsing with your smartphone or even looking for directions online. Google and co. are the starting point for many users online. But how did it come this far and how did search engines evolve over the last two decades? We looked at the history of the crawlers and if you thought there was only Google, Yahoo and Bing this infographic will show you how wrong you are. For the internet nerds among us, let this infographic take you on a trip down memory lane.

Sadly the complexity and huge number of search engines made it impossible to include every single search engine available. Huge thanks to the awesome team at Infographiclabs for this analysis of the search engine history.

23 thoughts on “Search Engine History

  1. As I have just started the online business so I was not aware of these many search engines..By reading your blog I must say that search engines have come a long way…Everyday, new strategies are being implemented for increasing the rank of websites..
    I would try to mix old tactics with new tactics for enhancing the online web marketing…
    Thanks for superb information

  2. It’s a great help to know that search engines are a boom now a days. With one question there now seemed to be a lot of answers. Thanks to Google i can find answers to my questions…

  3. I think people everywhere are in too deep with this modern “web”, & it’s hard to imagine life without search engines anymore.

  4. Maybe I am reading the chart wrong, but every other search engine market share statistic I read shows Google with 65% of the market share, whereas this shows almost 85%. Am I missing something?

  5. Of course, Yahoo is now Powered by Bing (check the text at the bottom of a Yahoo search). Making Bing now well over 10% of the web searches.

  6. When I was four in 1966, my father showed me the integrated circuits he made, showing me what looked like a silvery paint circle. Thirty years later, my World Wide Web site was part of a web-ring.
    Page-rank that!

  7. I am an IT professional. I cant believe a day without google, yahoo or bing.
    I earn my bread and butter coz of them.
    Thanks alot google, yahoo and bing. 🙂

    God bless google, yahoo and bing 😉

  8. Now that search engines dominate internet traffic, we’re also starting to get tracked and our privacy is at risk. AOL actually ran a search engine and accidentally leaked all the search data online. Imagine what the implications are. Would you like everyone to know what you searched for in the past week?

    For me, I use a VPN to make sure I’m anonymous online. But, honestly, the best way would be to disable all cookies and never register for any site period, ever. That way your IP is not associated with any identity. But, obviously that’s impossible; and for most people too late.

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