As most of you know, Performancing Firefox, our free blog editor for Firefox, will be rebranded, and relaunched under a new name in 2007.

That name is Scribefire.

With well over 400k downloads on Mozilla alone, Scribefire is an awesome project, and one I take particular pride in, having been privilged to shape it’s development over the last year.

We’re looking for developers and designers to join the new project, so if you think it would interest/benefit you to be involved, please email me at [email protected]

thanks everyone, and happy new year!

3 thoughts on “Scribefire

  1. Love the name.

    More than that, love your effort and dedication. You guys are fantastic. Keep up the good work, folks!!

    Oh, and sorry for the sudden AWOL. Was busy setting up my own personal domain…

    Now at,

  2. I am a Flockstar.

    Performancing with Flock and Livejournal compels me to do this shoutout.

    Four months ago, Flock was downloaded and the experience is the difference between driving a US auto and swithching to an AUDI or BMW.

    Performancing is available at and developed by Jed Brown and world’s largest blogging collective. It improves on the FLOCK built-in blog tool the way browsers/WWW improved Compuserve.

    Performancing installs in your Flock browsers lower bar with a small icon. It opens full-width with a menu, and two panes. It occupies the lower half of your browser and suddenly this seems the most logical place for any browser add on to open. And the other logic, performancing browser stay in the fore-front while clicking on tabs and visiting webpages. Exceptional.

    Integration includes a full rich-text composer; blog activation at LiveJournal includes your communities for the quickest post option and the history tab opens the past 8 entries of any blog in your composer as ‘plain text’ or rich. It has a built-in ‘notepad’; integrates bookmarks and tags; integrates technorati blog review, tagging your post and pings; to your post you can create TrackBackURLs; add-ons include Fire FTP, a fully-realized FTP and finally, at the moment, an extension called OakFlickr uploader which opens a sidebar browser (have not been able to figure this out as it does nothing and has no text on buttons and presents no options and I cannot make any claim about it’s function besides it opens a ‘blank space with buttons.’)

    In ADDITION, my favorite must-haves include cooliris and web snippets and Bookmarklet. Must withhold my opinion on JetEye service until trial, but have added this too.

  3. Great name for the extension … very neat.

    But you know, the homepage …
    … anyone who’s likely to download with no further information has likely already DLd and installed.

    Surely it wouldn’t take more than 3 moments to transfer some information to that page from … is there a snag?


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