RocketBoom Nets Huge Distribution Deal

I was pretty impressed to see that RocketBoom, the daily video blog which was initially hosted by Amanda Cogdon has obtained a 7 figure distribution and ad sales deal with Sony Pictures Television. This deal will place RocketBoom all over the map as the show will be distributed through Crackle, Sony’s own video site as well as the PS3, PSP, and Bravia I-Link TVs.

Congrats to RocketBoom and Andrew Baron.

To be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed watching RocketBoom. Asides from that, I wonder if this has given hope to video bloggers across the web?

What do you think of this deal?

One thought on “RocketBoom Nets Huge Distribution Deal

  1. I watched RocketBoom religiously when Amanda was hosting, after that my viewing habits waned and I stopped completely. I have no idea who the current host is but either they are genius or Sony is nuts. Still, hats of Andrew – that’s a lot of coin!

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