Reboot my blog please

Do you have a blog sitting around that you want help with? Want to take it to the next level but don’t know how? Well youre in luck. We are a panel of experts that’s right all of us in someway whether design is your flaw, content creation, or no inbound links or marketing. We have all the tricks up our sleeves.

And we are sitting here waiting to help.

~ Ok that sounded way to much like a late night psychic hotline commercial. But seriously. I’m itching to help someone even if it’s my own blog become successful or profitable. So toss me a blog below in the comments if you want some free advice and a simple makeover tour.

We will take one a week and spend one week giving you tips and sharing that with the community. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to really launch your site into the next level of authority.

51 thoughts on “Reboot my blog please

  1. Would love the opportunity to have you take a look at my blog and help me tweek it. 3R.e.Medium is about everything web from the perspective of a virtual assistant and how it can help me and my clients in running their business.

    So any advice is more than welcome!

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Cowboy. I’m resurrecting and would appreciate any input you might care to offer. I want to establish it as a blogging “community” as opposed to a blogging “network”. I’m not really sure there is a difference other than attitude.

    I await your response.

    – Gary

  3. I’ll be patient. I just can’t seem to get people attracted to my site. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My blog is called The No-Brain Zone

  4. Our site,, is an information resource site specializing in meditation and spiritual life. We will appreciate any help in effectively getting the message out about our site and comminicating its ideas. We have also started a Blog which is in its infancy both in format and content.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I’m a full time garden writer – sorting out this “blog stuff” and enjoying a new life online (instead of dead tree publishing). Who wouldn’t want to work with somebody to make you better?

    Put me in this lineup please – I’m at


  6. I have several sites — and I struggle to maintain them all! Seeing your offer to Reboot a Site was not only exciting but somewhat inspirational!!! If I can learn to organize, manage and make one of the sites productive and exciting — then I can use those talents on all of my sites — and that would be FANTASTIC!!!! The site that I struggle with the most is — this is a site that announces classes to students in the area of Oregon; has a ocommerce store on the site; has a revolving calendar; paypal, credit card, & check payment options, and many other things — all of these things are not well placed on the site at the moment (my opinion) — I’d like to be able to organize things better — and to be able to make things look much cleaner — much crisper — I suppose, um, less cluttered!

    Anyway, the opportunity to have someone give me their guidance, opinion, — offer to teach me some of their talents and tricks — I would be thrilled and would be one someone who wouldn’t shut-up about who taught me what either! *grin* (I would imagine you have figured out the *wouldn’t shut-up* part by now!)

    Rebecca Robinson
    [email protected]

  7. Sure thing, I’m interested! Being the fortieth commenter, it looks like you won’t get to me until sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving; not a problem, I can wait. Thank you so very much for the offer. Thoughts & Philosophies will still be here when you have the time to get to it:


  8. Sounds great – how about taking a look at the MYNINJAPLEASE family? We’re a family of seven blogs [currently..more to come!] with growing reader numbers. In particular, I run architecture.myninjaplease , our blog devoted to architecture and design, which has been up since December 1st 2006 [the ‘main’ site, , has been up since August 2006]. Check us out, and any comments / advice are welcome from all.

  9. Great idea (you’ll probably gain some new -registered- members with this post ;-).

    My company has recently launched a blog at and we would highly appreciate if you could take a look and let us have your thoughts.

    Best regards,


  10. I, too, read about your generous offer from the lovely Sharon of esoup. I am a newish blogger too – blogging for about 7 months. My blog is My Marrakesh ( I blog on life, lifestyle and design out of Marrakech. My blog is a finalist for the 2007 Annual Weblog Awards.

    I would really like to take my blog to the next level and maybe even secure a publishing deal (well a girl can dream, can’t she?). I would love, love any help you could provide.

  11. I just started this blog about a month ago using the Drupal CMS as my base platform. I have seen a slow rise in traffic as time has progressed. I have am going to be getting exclusive content from MTV (Cast interviews from Road Rules while it is still airing) in the next week and want to see if I can make some adjustments to make sure that people actually get to read it! It would be a waste otherwise.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Road Rules Revenge

  12. This blog is only ~5 months old, but helping it, if you could, would be soooo nice. It has analysis and opinion of current events (mostly politics and news). It’s a blogspot blog, but it has a few things added to it. There are some comment links to it (like this one), but that’s it. On average only about 2 visitors per day . If you want a challenge, thank you so much.
    Just by the way, another blog is:
    Thoughts on Global Warming
    Just to let you know…

  13. Gauravonomics is a blog about “desi pop culture and other whimsies”. I have just moved to my own domain, and it hasn’t been easy at all. Here’s a desi blog desperately seeking blog nirvana. Help!

  14. Well the lay out does, the content is great, but man, I don’t make much on it, and wonder what I should do. Where do I start?


  15. I sure hope so, I’ll submit a couple of blogs and cross my fingers.

    This is my most valuable blog (not only in terms of money , any advice is welcomed.

    thanks in advance,

  16. You said it’s free… so, interested for makeover of my blog…

    In Croatian? Well, sure! You know, blogosphere in Croatia is quite specific, and a bit exotic, blogs are really popular, and many are open for such a small country…

    So, I give you a challenge, make my blog popular! 😀

  17. I am as you have already seen no doubt(from my membership bio), somewhat of a no-name in the blogosphere and I am planning on launching a blog that will focus on the successes and failures of an upcoming entrepreneur in the web publishing business.
    So, instead of focusing on a reboot I am hoping the performancing team would be interested in doing an article about how you have helped me jumpstart my blogging career.

  18. saloschin – that’s a very interesting point that you’ve touched, because of what’s happening at Performancing now and what I’ve done recently with a blog I bought.

    Definitely something worth discussing, although I think it’s best discussed in post of its own

  19. This is great!

    Ok, I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Six Degrees of Inspiration” at , I’m considering a whole makeover so that the design isn’t so slow to load.

    Also, I’d like to hear what your thoughts are on “ – Voice of The Filipino” at , I think it’s all set up pretty well, but I’d love to know what you think.

    I have a few other sites, but I think these two are close to my heart, and I would greatly love to improve on them.

    Thank you.

  20. Pixelated Dreams.

    I know most of what is wrong with my blog and what needs to be fixed.

    • It’s on Blogger…
    • …using a standard template…
    • …with a blogspot domain (I own a domain name, I just haven’t implemented it because I may or may not have bigger plans – although it is a .info with all the baggage that carries)
    • It’s hardly a niche subject (a geeky tech lover rambling ramdomly? original I know)
    • I find it difficult to find focus as I can’t decide if I want to be a news regurgitator with small commentary of write lengthy, researched “layman’s analysis” type posts
    • I find it very hard to find the time to blog when I work full time, study part time and my wife and I have a 11 month old son
    • I don’t have a lot of time to comment on other blogs and attract back links
    • No flagship content (although I continue to get a lot of hits on a couple of posts about upgrading to WinXP and difficulties with viaide.sys – the Google traffic continues to pour in on that one)

    I don’t want to go pro (I don’t think I’m a good enough writer for that), I just would like to create a body of work I’m proud of and have a loyal readership bigger than I can count on one hand

    If anyone has the time, it would be very much appreciated. I’m starting to ponder whether it is a good use of my time in its current incarnation.

  21. Hi, I recently launched a new project called DemoMarks that could use some help in the marketing department. Basically I conceived the idea a few days ago and rather than just say “Wow, that’d be a cool idea.” I just decided to start working on it. I truly believe it is something unique that would have provided a great reference but at the moment I’m seeing little opportunity outside of ad placement for a revenue model. If you would like to add some marketing steroids to DemoMarks by all means go for it!

  22. David- what a fabulous offer. What interests me is when one acquires a blog that was very much tied to a previous “personality” that was essentially inseparable from the blog. A couple of examples-: JOAB – or, more recently, say one had bought Technosailor. How can you keep the momentum going when such “personality” is impossible to imitate or replicate? Readers are bound to be disappointed. The obvious answer might be to not buy such blogs unless you have a strong voice of your own- but how does this impact the blog resale market? So I guess I’m asking for helping on how to “reboot” personality blogs in general, where the main author has left.

  23. Yeah, I’ll toss my hat in the ring here. Would love to have my blog considered: Solo Technology.

    Awesome offer!

  24. (also mirrored on write primarily a personal blog on my ultra-endurance mountain bike racing and training and adventures with my friends.

  25. I’m really curious to get the hang of how to look at a blog and tell whether it’ll have a broader appeal or not. Can you post a checklist, or things we should all be looking for when evaluating a blog, and by extension, thinking through in our own blog design?

  26. This blog has already been rebooted once to narrow the focus from business issues for knowledge workers to that of career management for cubicle warriors. Rebooted for about 3-4 months, the readership is small, but steady. Theme selection was done for simplicity and low maintenance…my time should be spent writing, not tinkering. Your thoughts welcome!!

    Cube Rules: Career Management for Cubicle Warriors


  27. PLEASE!
    My blog at is all about antiques and here I am, a 50-something stuck in the past and surrounded by old stuff trying to drag them, it and me into the Web 2.0 era.
    My problem is simple: how to make a blog that has a taster of my weekly article (usually around 750-1,000 words) giving readers the opportunity to click through to the full article but at the same address. I’m currently cheating by having writeantiques and writeantiques2, which are completely separate. I’m getting around 300 hits a day on 2, but nothing on the taster blog writeantiques so clearly I’m still struggling in the 19th century.
    All assistance gratefully appreciated.
    (Christopher Proudlove)

  28. .. and the LVR-Series ..

    I’m in the process of a template upgrade (network wide template) .. I’ve practically given up on the group writing concept (everybody has their own blog now) .. I’ve managed to destroy my E-Card database and haven’t the time to rebuild/reindex it yet (still looking for something new first) .. My forum is under utilized (more spammers than readers and I’m neglecting it) … my photo gallery doesn’t integrate well (issues in growth and flexibility) … and community not that strong (low comments, poetry corner, who’s cuter, picture uploads, pet dating, etc) .. I’ve got almost 2500 posts that I’m sorting into “how-to” pages (also takes time) .. and I’m trying to re-integrate the LVR-series into a mega site ..

    These are some of the areas I can fix or improve, but nothing really planned to take me to the next level .. I’d be interested in hearing tips on what you think might be that next level etc (before I spend too much time revamping this old wheel with a mini-makeover)

  29. – I’d like to focus on military and programming but a few posts on ChaCha have destroyed my SERPs. 90% of my traffic is looking for ChaCha related stuff.

    I’d love some opinions and help.

  30. The site I’d like to see reviewed: Hybrid Car Review.

    Yes, I know it’s on blogger. 😉 I seem to have gotten it off to a slow, but good start. But I’d love to see it get even better.

  31. Hi,

    I started Techtites a little over three months back and well, it can do better.

    It would be great if you could take a look at it and provide your tips on improving it.


  32. Symbolic Order has been around for a long time and has a small but faithful readership. However, I’ve never had a lot of luck getting it to grow beyond that. It’d be terrific to get some advice on how to improve it. Thank you.

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