pMetrics to relaunch this week

For those of you who have been following the new soap opera “pMetrics”, let me put things in context. The management structure of Performancing did not have enough built-in redundancy, and with David Krug’s sudden and surprising extended absence, there just wasn’t an emergency plan in place, so pMetrics suffered as a result.

That’s not an excuse. We accept responsibility for the mistake and are taking the steps to ensure that Performancing operates as a redundant, decentralized team so that its operation doesn’t depend on any single person.

While those steps are in motion, we are happy to be able to announce that pMetrics will be back in operating condition this week. The getclicky team is phenomenal and we are superpsychked (new word?) to be hooking up with them on this venture. We hope you’ll stick with us and enjoy the fruits of this collaboration.

On a related note…

Is there any interest from the Performancing community in having the old pMetrics software opened up for community development? Any thoughts?

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  1. KirkM, thanks for the sense of humor. Things have been very hectic behind the scenes lately as we strive for stability and growth rather than the regular turmoil Performancing members have justifiably come to see as the norm over the last month or so.

    You are right. We were delaying the announcement until we felt very confident that things are working properly, as they seem to be.

    Expect an announcement tonight.

  2. This is really making me chuckle. Shaking my head back and forth is a distinct possibility also.

    (Meant with all kindness since I absolutely could not resist)

    Pmetrics came back online yesterday afternoon. Since I have a vested interest in this particular stats engine (meaning I paid for it) I checked it regularly and just as I was about give up and have my subscription canceled…there it was again. So I didn’t waste anytime in putting the tracking code back into my header file just to see if it works. Now an entire day has passed (almost) and Pmetrics is still up, the stats look correct, my site loads just about as fast as it always did and…and…

    Absolutely no announcement to anyone that the system was back online. Are we waiting to see if it stays up more than a day? Or do we think that the return of the Pmetrics “tab” at the top of the site and a link in the sidebar are enough?

    Okay, okay…so I more than understand a waiting period to make sure all the bugs are out before you announce anything…I just couldn’t resist 🙂

    So is it safe to put my logo and affiliate link back in the sidebar now?

  3. I’m going to agree with Tuusiik on almost every level here. I don’t have a very popular blog, at the moment, but I enjoyed using pmetrics to keep track of the few visitors I did have. With the exception of my stats feeds, I don’t subscribe to any other performancing feeds and had no idea that this service was essentially non-existent until I realized I wasn’t seeing any new entries for the visitors feeds.

    You could fault me for not doing everything possible to stay up on what’s going on, but a simple e-mail to everyone using pmetrics explaining any downtime with the service would’ve been (in my mind) essential.

    I’ve since switched back to google analytics but would welcome some sort of notification when pmetrics is opened back up again.

  4. I’m late to this discussion because I did not get an email or other notification. This would have helped.

    [Today I was trying to update the metric link display in my WP, which didn’t work, so tried to track down the gif, but found there was no longer a so I sleuthed back to here]

    Any chance you could notify registered users somehow when things are back to normal? Otherwise, I check back later.

  5. Yup! Don’t we all. Maybe next week and if not maybe I’ll just have to call for a refund although I hate to do that. Especially after I went to the trouble to modify the original Performancing Partners logo to something more appropriate (yes…I was the first to do that).

  6. (Chuckle) Ahh…One of “those”. These things are usually referred to as SDTB’s in the Company/Vendor relationship or put succinctly…”Someone Dropped The Ball”—vendor wise that is.

    Okay then. Patience is and all that. Three times a charm and three’s complete as the wise guys say. I do like the idea of a dedicated, 64 bit server though. Feed it lots of processors, memory and stuff it’s Raid Array full of drives would you?

  7. The DC at which we’d like to host pMetrics (because of its reliability and hands on customer service) is claiming a “vendor delay”

  8. KirkM,
    Good question. I’m getting frustrated too. Let’s just say that the problem that’s holding things up is one that *should not* have been a problem in the first place. The company that is handling the provisioning of a 64 bit dedicated server for pMetrics is literally bordering on incompetency.

  9. James,
    The trouble with the old pMetrics was it’s load on the server. It costs tens of thousands of dollars a month to run, and Performancing just wasn’t generating the revenue to support such a cashhog.

    We’re planning to open the code up to the Performancing community within the next few weeks. Hopefully we can figure out a way to distribute the server processing involved. I have an idea on how to make this happen, and still tie it up into a community project with some common data.

  10. Any news? (I can’t seem to find out if it’s back up at a different address or not).

    Anyway, I would LOVE to be able to use the old version, if only so that I can monitor which AdSense ads are being clicked. That ALONE made PMetrics the package to use. (Oh, that and my Google Desktop Sidebar plugin 😉 )…

  11. Thank you Ryan and Sean for the update and I also know there was a lot of interest on giving the old Pmetrics system to the community. I for one, don’t have a need but I remember several others that expressed interest. Check out the comments on this earlier post as well that announced the shutting down of the old metrics system. You’ll get a good feel for the general response to the open source suggestion as well the overall response that might help you get a good idea what people wanted in a metrics system. So for what it’s worth.

  12. Ryan there is definitely some interest in the old code. There were a few comments right away when the new Metrics was first announced:

    By the way, if anyone has questions about the new Metrics, I am the lead programmer for Metrics / Clicky so ask away. We are working on getting Metrics up this week, on some brand spanking new equipment. All existing data has been preserved, although obviously there will be a big gap in the data between the time Metrics went down until it comes back up. We are going to extend all existing free trials as well, to make up for all the lost time.

  13. Good luck with the new Metrics relaunch!

    At least I am interested in the old Metrics code. First of all it would allow me to get at least some blog/wiki statistics tool for my company Intranet.

    I hope somebody else (including Performancing?) could also build a business on offering the intranet stats installation/support + maybe customization development (e.g. feedburner-like feed stats without feedburner-like redirection since in the intranet blog platform itself can be modified).

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