Performancing Releases Its 2nd WordPress Theme “ModernPaper”

One of the services that Performancing aims to provide to the blogging community is the regular release of free, high quality themes.

In that spirit, we are glad to announce the launch of our second free WordPress theme called ModernPaper, from none other than Brian Gardner.

ModernPaper screams “professional publication” but is highly customizable and well suited for any use.

ModernPaper Links:

View ModernPaper in the theme viewer
Download ModernPaper
Forum Support For Modern Paper

10 thoughts on “Performancing Releases Its 2nd WordPress Theme “ModernPaper”

  1. What is the name of the plugin? Do you have its homepage URL?

    My guess is that something in Modern Paper’s CSS is clashing with the plugin. But unless I can find the plugin and look at the code, I can’t solve it. There are other ways to “badge” an RSS feed. You could try them. I have a list somewhere, but have to find it. I tend to use Feedburner’s BuzzBoost feature to publish HTML-ized chunks of RSS feeds.

  2. I admit my ignorance. All I know is, these are rss feeds using the WP plugin that comes with the site, the basic one. These feeds have worked on other templates, but don’t seem to want to do it on this one. In each case, it’s a simple paste-in of the link.

  3. visualblip: Got your PM but hope you don’t mind my response here so others can follow along.

    How did you “badge” those feeds? I haven’t used the theme yet, so I don’t know if it’s built in. [I’m not the designer, just a Performancing member.]

    It looks to me to be a problem that can be solved using CSS. But it will depend on whether the HTML badge for each feed uses (1) javscript code from elsewhere, (2) a WP plugin, or (3) something built into theme. What appears to be happening is that the badge wants to do something but the theme’s defaults (CSS) is overriding it and causing the jumble.

    We may be able to solve this easily, if you can give me a bit more detail.

  4. I’m leaving the problem up at for you to have a look. The RSS feed on the lower right is just standard WordPress widget rss. I noticed that not only is it clustered together, but there links seem to be all out of whack.

    It should be a basic, standard install I did with the widgets, nothing fancy and no plugin feature to clash.

    Anyway, it’s up there for your chance to see it, and please know how much I appreciate the personal attention and help. Very kind of you.


  5. visualblip: Can you clarify? What rss “feeds” are you referring to? There’s only one for a given site?

    However, any links that you want to list vertical that are bunching together on a line can be fixed with CSS code. You would have to create a class in the theme’s CSS file and tag each entry in the block with it. If you can clarify what feeds you mean, where they’re coming from, etc. It would help. You can drop a link to your site here or just PM me.

  6. Very much like the clean look of the template and put it active on my site to see how it would show. Looks great except for the rss feeds which bunch up in a cluster, not set for a line per entry, it just all runs together. Taking it down for now, but wonder if there’s some way to show the rss feeds with either a dividing line or space between each entry or just show them in a list, but one which can easily be read and clicked on.



  7. So long as you provide proper attribution and leave the links in at the bottom, I see no problem with this.

  8. I would like to translate this theme to Hebrew and distribute it.
    We already have a translated (RTL) theme site, and would love to add this one.
    wanted to ask your permission first.

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