pMetrics Blog Analytics Now Available!

Performancing is pleased to announce the re-release of pMetrics blog analytics. In its current state, pMetrics is a simple, clean, “chock-full-of-features” stats program, specifically targeted for blogs.

Plugins & Widgets

As more and more Performancing members adopt pMetrics we’ll be unveiling some uber-cool widgets and plugins to enhance your blogging experience. Plans currently include: 1) an AdSense tracking plugin and a 2) a Performancing “top blogs” widget that links back to the top 50 or so blogs using pMetrics. Discussion about pMetrics development and plugin/widget suggestions will be taking place in our pMetrics forum:

Simple Yet Feature-rich

If you’re a stats junkie like me, you’re constantly looking for useful information about site visitors. Site stats give us the tools to assess the success of our current actions and make strategies for improving the quality of content, navigation, headlines, etc. on a website.

Many of us need more in a site analytics program than daily log analysis. Sometimes we need a real-time look at traffic flow. Sometimes we need a quick and dirty, one page summary of recent search queries, pages visited, and referrals. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you haven’t been very satisfied with the multitude of stats programs out there, especially for blogs.

That’s one reason why we’ve partnered with Clicky to bring you the new pMetrics. With pMetrics you get detailed information about each user without having to drill down 4-5 levels in the navigation. One of the things I personally can’t stand about Google Analytics is that although it is powerful, finding the information you want has never been intuitive or easy. pMetrics solves this issue.

Real-time “Spy” Analysis

But pMetrics offers you more. Have you ever wanted to get a good sense of real-time user behavior? pMetrics has a Spy function*; a real-time stats-ticker that shows each and every user behavior at your site, as it happens in real time. This information is priceless and can provide the details you need to increase site usability. You can also monitor, in real time, the results of any marketing and promotion that you are involved in.

Doing a Reddit and Digg campaign? Want an adrenaline rush? You can track the results in real-time, and let me tell you, it’s a massive thrill!

pMetrics also offers you a picture of visitor demographics and geography, breaking visitors down into countries and even cities, and then plotting this information on Google Maps.

RSS Feeds

pMetrics gives you the choice of making your stats public or private, and you can even publish a summary via RSS*. RSS gives savvy blog owners the chance to dispaly site stats in creative ways on their blogs and to view multiple stat summaries from a single RSS reader.

Referral Affiliate Program

Performancing members earn 20% of every payment made to us by any user who signs up through an affiliate link and eventually becomes a paying premium member. Additionally, there is a second tier commission of 5%, which means you will get 5% of any payment made to us by your referal’s referals. More information on the affiliate program is available here.

The basic version of pMetrics is available for free, but we highly recommend upgrading to the advanced version for a modest annual fee (just a little more than $1/month). The advanced version includes Spy (real time visitor stats) and RSS feeds so that you can syndicate your stats and view them in an RSS reader, saving you time and energy.

Get started with pMetrics right away!

*Premium version only

9 thoughts on “pMetrics Blog Analytics Now Available!

  1. Sean from getClicky helped us put together pMetrics. They are essentially the same product, though with pMetrics you get the benefit of the Performancing community and planned plugins/widgets.

  2. Just an update… the affiliate interface is done, you should see a summary of your data on your user homepage.

  3. Thanks Randa.

    Yup, I am working on the affiliate interface as we speak. Expect to see it later today or tomorrow, it will be available from your user homepage.

  4. Sean is working to get the affiliate stats visible in the dashboard. You can rest assured that they are being tracked.

  5. I am very happy with this relationship. Clicky is going strong but getting our product promoted by a much larger company and in front of that many more eyeballs is exciting!

    dcypl – the differences between the free and premium versions are listed on the help page, here. You get 21 days of premium when you first sign up, and by the way, everyone who already signed up before the 13 day downtime, your free trials have been extended to May 15 (an additional 21 days) to make up for it.

  6. Done! Thanks for the great work, I’d be interested to see the features in the basic version, and see what I’d miss from the premium (trial) version I’ve got.

  7. If you like the new pMetrics, we’d appreciate a recommendation on your blog!

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