PFF 1.1.1 Beta 2 – Nearly There!

You can now download Performancing Firefox 1.1.1 Beta 2 if you’re feeling brave, and help us trouble shoot the last couple of little bug fixes. We really appreciate your help, and although public beta testing got off to a slow start, we’re now starting to get some great feedback on posts posted by PFF devs in the PFF Beta Forum.

As always, please follow Jed’s instructions for using beta builds

Please Help Us Test!

There are a few points we would really like some help testing on this beta, hopefully it will be the last one before 1.1.1 final.

  • General Posting/Editing: Does PFF still work as it should in your blog software of choice? Particular interesting in this beta is category support in Drupal, yay! Because of that, it’s possible there are some regressions with other systems. Though we think it unlikely, confirmation that all is well in your software would be great.
  • General Functions: Context menu still working, side tabs for tools and bookmarks etc?
  • Set up your Performancing Blog! If you want to blog on the loose topic of pro blogging right here on, you can now setup your blog right from PFF — registered users have had blogs for a while, but thanks to Emily, we’ve now integrated it more thoroughly into the account manager. Is it workiing ok? (tests will be removed, so dont worry about that…)
  • Blog This Blockquote Bug: If you don’t know what it is, dont worry about it, if you do, please let us know if it’s fixed.

Ok, have fun with this one, and please give us feedback on how it’s shaping up, hopefully we will be able to move onto 1.2 in a matter of days.

Thanks everyone.

7 thoughts on “PFF 1.1.1 Beta 2 – Nearly There!

  1. I think showing error messages are good. What I find strange about this error message is that it shows up after PFF says post successful. Anyway I will also check at dasBlog side to see why it is sending this message for new posts.

  2. Vazz.

    Hmmm.. that puts us into a dilema.
    In beta two I enabled Server feedback, so the user know ‘why’ there was an error contacting the server. (i.e. will complain if your blog post is less then X amount of characters.).

    In this case, that message “You have modified an existing entry and are passing that in. You need to call GetEditableEntry to get a copy of the entry before modifying it”
    Was sent by the server.

    Should we supress those erros like in past releases?
    One of the reasons I added it is many people complain that PFF just sat there trying to publish and silently failed.

  3. I get the following alert when I post to dasblog with PFF 1.1.1 Beta 2.

    “Error with request, the server sent back the following response:

    You have modified an existing entry and are passing that in. You need to call GetEditableEntry to get a copy of the entry before modifying it”

    I get this error even when I am publishing a new post. But the post is actually published.

    I also tested beta 2 with but no problems there.

  4. Right here please Vazz, unless Jed or Chris need to post something else in the beta forum


  5. Fixed, thanks Vazz. Thats what you get when you try to do these things last thing at night when you should really be in bed 🙁

    Sorry about that.

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