Performancing Wants To Reboot Your Blog!

Performancing is happy to announce the rebirth of its “Reboot Your Blog” service. The way R.Y.B. works is like this. Performancing members nominate their blogs to receive a reboot and each week one blog will get selected.

So what’s a blog reboot and why should you want one?

A reboot consists in a thorough top to bottom analysis of you blog with practical suggestions for improvement. It gives you the blueprint for taking your blog into overdrive.

Blog reboots will provide you with professional level feedback on:

1. Blog design and layout
2. Usability enhancements
3. Search engine optimization
4. Ad placement and beautification
5. Monetization tips for your niche

If you’re interested in getting a blog reboot, why not nominate your blog in our reboot nomination forum. Make your blog stick out by telling us why we should pick YOUR blog for a reboot.

Finished blog reboots will be posted in our Rebooted Blogs forum, and even if your blog isn’t selected, you can still get some very useful info.

11 thoughts on “Performancing Wants To Reboot Your Blog!

  1. TLA’s minimalist approach to their website, makes it a little tedious to track down the simple minutia. Their very slow follow up helped as well. It turned out to be one of those things that once you click past an instruction, you can never get back to it.

  2. Brett, the code to include for WordPress at least is on the same page they generate that has the download button on it. It’s one line of code. I missed it the first time I used the plugin. I assume it’s the same scenario for Blogger.

    The old way, without a plugin (i.e., pure PHP/WordPress) was a bit more complicated.

    That’s too bad about the response time. They’ve been responsive to me, though if I send an email on a Friday, the response may not be until Monday. During the week, it’s usually 48 hours (business).

  3. This is more embarrassing than not getting picked up for advertising with TLA.

    I couldn’t get the code to work!

    Couldn’t get it to work in WordPress, couldn’t get it to work on New Blogger, couldn’t get it to work on static HTML.

    I’m no super php guru, but I have setup and customized about 50 different wordpress blogs now and I’m not lost in PHP either. The problem really wasn’t TLA’s code, it was their instructions.

    They didn’t include key items, like the short line of code to include in the sidebar (just gave a plugin to install but no code for the sidebar).

    Now I know that a lot of people patiently work with and benefit from TLA and they have a nice clean site and everything, but the instructions were missing key ingredients. Kind of like providing instructions for changing a car tire and not providing the lug nut wrench.

    What was worse was that in each scenario, I sent a message off to tech support (their FAQ’s and other areas were devoid of information and they almost instantly send you to tech support via email. Normally that would be kind of good, but I felt like if they had just given a little extra detail, I could have fixed the thing right away and saved myself an email and their tech support too)

    So their tech support, doesn’t read my email at all and sends me an almost canned response that I should just install their plugin. (bangs mouse on top of head repeatedly) So then I had to go through another round of emails asking them to please actually read my email this time, and that I had installed the plugin but there was no code provided to put in the sidebar. 2 more emails later from them, they sent me the code.

    They stopped responding to me about the blogger blog and static html (with php call option) all together. Then today, almost a week after the New Blogger issue, I get an email that an advertiser had signed up for the blogger blog. Yeah, Great news, but will the code work??? I don’t know, TLA never responded but I see money credited to my account.

    This isn’t rocket science, but it shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt either.

    Guess I don’t need TLA rebooting any more, but I probably do need a couple shots of Jack Daniels.

  4. It depends on the topic. Less popular niches may take longer. Also, if you have a blog that isn’t focused, it may take longer, unless you have a high PR. Still, a lot of sponsors want targeted traffic, even if that’s light traffic.

  5. Brett,
    It takes most of my blogs about 3 months to start making any substantial income of TLA

  6. Brett, some topics take longer than others to get TLA sponsors for. Don’t give up.

  7. There isn’t a twelve step program for this that I’m aware of, but I would like to publicly announce that I am a TextLinkAds failure.

    Maybe I need a blog reboot, or maybe I just need a shoulder to cry on or maybe I just need to let TLA’s slip away into the sea out of grasp forever . . . .

  8. Go ahead and nominate it. We’ll take a deeper look before making a choice.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Is it useful for me to nominate our Dutch blog – iPhoneclub? Or does it need to be English? Although you’ll not understand any of it, I’d still like to have an opinion of monetizing, design and usability.


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