Performancing’s 2 Year Anniversary Treasure Hunt

This week marks the 2nd anniversary of Performancing’s launch. To celebrate, we’re running a massive online treasure hunt and giving away lots of prizes (a growing list). We hope you can participate because this should be a lot of fun!

The basic idea is this. We’ve selected a phrase that’s essential for online success. This phrase has 6 words. The ultimate goal is to identify this phrase and be the first to notify Ryan of the correct answer in a private message.

The Details

A ‘jumbled phrase’ treasure hunt. One sentence, 6 words, no order given. Here’s how it works:

1) 1 word per day, starting Thursday November 8th (the 2 year anniversary date)

2) Every word has a clue attached to it. On each day, you’ll be given that clue (an uncommon sentence) on (8 am EST). During the day, you need to find blog posts that have used this clue.

3) That blog post will have an outgoing link (inside the post text) – that site’s first letter is one of the letters of that day’s word.

For example, let’s say that the clue for Saturday is ‘exploding dell laptops in Cambodia’. During the day, you’ll use various search engines and blog search engines to track this phrase and find out who has used it. Suppose that you find two blogs using this phrase, and both have single links going out to and

If you take the first letter of each url, you’d get ‘w’ and ‘e’. Now it’s easy to make a word out of that particular combination, but in the actual treasure hunt you’ll have longer words and it’ll be harder.

To prevent the chance of sabotage, you can send a private message to Ryan to confirm that you’ve found the correct URLs.

4) Once you’ve received all 6 clues, you should be able to decipher the words and piece them together to make the final phrase (there will be more than one possible variation, but we’ll be accepting just one of them).

5) The first one to send it in via PM to Ryan wins all of the prizes.

6) Everyone else who’s able to send the answer in within the allotted time period (November 15th, 11:59 PM Eastern) will be entered in a prize drawing for one of each prize.

Treasure Hunt Prizes

  1. 1 hour free consultation with Chris Garret (value $150)
  2. Free custom logo from Randa Clay (value $350)
  3. 1-year free Professional MegaEdition subscription to PMetrics (value $99)
  4. Professional linkbait service – 1 linkbait plus promotion (value $2,000)
  5. Blog Reboot – a step-by-step report on how to improve your blog (value $500)
  6. SEO Reboot – free keyword research report + SERPS analysis (value $350)
  7. Custom tweak / install of Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme (value $500)

Note: If you’d like to sponsor a prize, please leave a comment or contact me.