Performancing’s November WordPress Theme: Redbook

Performancing is pleased to announce it’s latest monthly WordPress theme release entitled Redbook.

Designed by Brian Gardner, of Revolution fame, this theme uses a subtle mix of reds and greys to achieve a sleek, sophisticated and professional look. Redbook includes three columns, with the content column sandwiched between two equally sized sidebars. This layout maximizes your above-the-fold real estate and gives you three nicely-sized regions to capture the reader’s attention.

Redbook is perfect for professional websites but also has the simple flair necessary for edgier magazine style web publications.

The Redbook theme was made possible by Life Insurance Canada .

Download the Redbook Theme or…

Click here for a live preview

6 thoughts on “Performancing’s November WordPress Theme: Redbook

  1. I want to be able to use trackbacks in this theme but there are no trackback links anywhere. How can I make the trackback links visible? And it’s not my settings, the trackback references show up fine on the same blog using other themes.



  2. Another very professional looking theme from Brian. The best part about Brian’s themes is that they are so well coded you can easily modify it to match any corporate color scheme.

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