Performancing Metrics Unveiled

Well, we already have a bunch of users. But after a wee bit of testing. I’m inviting everyone to sign up for their free trial of Performancing Metrics. Features are added weekly and we have a great developer working on it all the time.

Feedback is more than welcome. It’s geared toward Mom and Pop Bloggers rather than large A-List type sites. It provides a ton of data, most of it useful.

“Performancing Metrics is a new and unique web analyzer that gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. Many analyzers give good summaries, and Performancing Metrics is no different – but the similarities stop there. Performancing Metrics stands out with its refreshingly clean and simple interface, innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds, and an unrivaled per visitor level of detail. You also get real time stats, outbound link tracking, download tracking, and much much more.” ~ About Performancing Metrics

My favorite part is the affiliate program. You will earn 20% of every payment made to us by any user who signs up through your affiliate link and eventually becomes a paying premium member. Additionally, there is a second tier commission of 5%, which means you will get 5% of any payment made to us by your referal’s referals.

Head on over and sign in with your Performancing login

53 thoughts on “Performancing Metrics Unveiled

  1. Sorry for raising this topic again, but how about releasing the old PMetrics code to open source? Do you still consider it being a good move?

    I am asking for purely egoistic reasons of eventually getting a good stats package for my company intranet blog.

  2. and the “ignore” link next my site in the homepage is gone, too. I really NEED to set a cookie for Safari.

  3. @Sean: The missing comments have to do with the server changeover, I believe. David has been very ill and hard to get hold of. If you don’t have Mark’s email, private-message me with yours and I’ll pass it on to him. He would like to discuss it wiht you. Metrics has been disabled for now.

  4. Found where to delete my blogs myself. So – no need to reply to that. All I need to know now is how to cancel my account.

    Thank you.

  5. I have several blogs in Performancing … they used to be in the pmetrics when the pmetrics was still included as a tab on the sidebar of the Performancing editor.

    My criticism (hostility???) was aimed toward the apparent lack of response to those who weren’t happy with the change. Since then, I also asked to have my own blogs removed from Performancing by email, but I haven’t yet been told how to delete my accounts, and ensure that none of my information still remains in the Performancing machine.

    FYI, the pmetrics didn’t provide any information I wasn’t already getting from elsewhere to begin with, and I stopped checking them almost right away, although the code is still in most of my sidebars. If I remember right, there were a lot of issues with it – it often didn’t seem to work at all. I will remove all of the code from my blogs once this is over. As far as the Performancing editor is concerned, I never used it again after trying it once, because it did what IT wanted to instead of what I wanted it to. I’ve stuck with my Word Press editor ever since.

    Re the new metrics system you have, between my hosting Cpanel, Sitemeter, Tracksy and StatCounter – you don’t have anything extra I need. Furthermore, what happens if my blog does begin to get more than a certain amount of hits a day? I either pay up or I suddenly lose my stat tracking?

    I think the issue is that when people sign on with you for what you appear to be offering (in my case, it was simply the FireFox extension,) and you change the stats viewer to something that could poop out on you if your blog becomes too successful (unless you pay,) your Performancing icon morphs overnight into something called ScribeFire, and you inform everyone that Pay Per Post is “acquiring” parts of Performancing … …

    Who can even keep track of what’s what after a bit?

    I would still like my account deleted and all of my blogs removed from Performancing – and whatever other peripheral services it automatically became part of since I joined nearly a year ago. It didn’t prove as useful as I thought it would, the only question I’d ever asked before this latest issue was never answered, and each time I check in to see what’s happening, things are less and less appealing to me.

    Finally, when I commented – nicely, by the way – that you weren’t answering those who were unhappy, and I added that I was afraid my own request to be removed might also be ignored, and you labeled it as “hostile” … it made me wonder just how you would label something that was actually intended to be nasty.

    I can just imagine how you’re going to label this post, although there’s no hostile intent whatsoever. I’m even taking the time to explain why I want out. There’s no name calling, no insults, no finger pointing. Nor was there in the first comment. If you choose to see “hostility” there, then I guess that’s what you’ll find – no matter what I write.

    Please, just tell me how to remove my blogs and my account from Performancing. Thank you.

  6. Garri: PMetrics isn’t stripping out visits by humans coming from search engines, just visits by search engine bots. That’s two different types of visitors.

  7. … but I mainly pay attention to the visitors coming in from search engines and it was this data that Pmetrics wasn’t picking up as diligently as Google stats.

  8. The stats database is updated every 2 minutes. We also do page caching, which is currently set to 5 minutes. So if you have enough traffic, you should see the numbers updated every 5 minutes.

    Also it is correct that we are only logging human beings. Bots don’t download/use javascript, and even though we have a “noscript” image for users without javascript, bots ignore those too.

  9. Garri, David has been out sick for over a week. But I think, Kirk, that you may be right. Maybe Sean can shine some light on PMetrics. I don’t know what he can or cannot disclose.

    Also, don’t forget that the bulk of features for PMetrics are free, provide a registered site gets less than 1,000 pageviews per day.

  10. new
    Submitted by KirkM on April 7, 2007 – 12:41am.

    Everything seems to be up and running okay so far. FeedBurner stats and Pmetrics are close with FeedBurner lagging behind as usual (FB has a significant delay in their stats roll-up). Pmetrics seems to update accumulated visits quite often through the day although I haven’t done any dedicated watching to find out exactly how often of course.

    Is it possible that Google Analytics, like Awstats, catalogs every visit to your site whether it be from a bot of any type, host/server checks like Fantastico as well as the human type visits whether it be from searches or direct visits? Hence the higher numbers?

    Now I believe that Pmetrics, like FeedBurner for example, log in only human visitors which is how I’ve found it to be so far, so the numbers will accordingly be less(please don’t ask me how it does this. That’s for those with their heads permanently wound inside their servers).

    I’m admittedly not ultimately familiar with the inside mechanics of how various statistic services run so if any you or any other members find fault with my what I’m saying here, please feel free to jump all over me.

  11. I tried placing the pmetrics’ javascript ahead of any others, as suggested by Doug, and whilst there has been an improvement, it’s still not good enough.

    Pmetrics is reporting a third of the stats that Google is, and Google hasn’t finished reporting for yesterday because it’s not real-time.

    David, you need to sort this out if you want my money. Or should I go with the getclicky version and put forward some of my ideas for improvements, some of which I’ve disclosed here, some of which I haven’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m wondering why you didn’t disclose your relationship with getclicky in your opening fanfare? You only did when pushed by a member earlier in this thread.

    I’m not being antagonistic, just curious that’s all.

  12. @Kirk: I believe the accumulated stats have a bit of delay, though I’ve never noted how long. That’s why I like the Spy feature.

  13. @Garri

    Now that sounds like a great feature to add. Make it able to be somewhat personalized.


    Glad to see everything back up and running again and thanks for doing your best to keep us informed. Spy seems to be picking up the site again but still no accumulated stats yet. I need to give it awhile for things to pick up I do believe.

  14. I don’t like being at the mercy of someone else’s server and would happily pay twice the current yearly rate if pmetrics could be hosted on my own server. That’s what I like about Mint.

    A nice touch would be ability to brand our metrics pages, which would be good for people who want to make their metrics public in order to attract advertisers.

    How about it?

  15. @Garri: True. But the issue was server problems. Unfortunate, but aside from that, I think PMetrics offers enough features that a visualization hack would be useful. I’m doing this for myself, and releasing for anyone who wants it. Now excuse me while I find some gravy for my mashed metrics.

    dougk: I hope things are back in order for you.

    tonalaweb: ditto. The server problems, I believe, have been worked out.

  16. Just to clarify, there is a free PMetrics plan, provided a website that you’re monitoring does not go over 1,000 pageviews per day. Also, after 21 days, if you want to use the “Spy” and “RSS” functionality, you have move from the free to premium plan, which isn’t very expensive by the way. It does have to be paid via PayPal, which will mean some users cannot upgrade.

    But that said, the free version offers enough features for the average user.

  17. Submitted by tonalaweb on April 5, 2007 – 5:36am.

    Since March 31 I have troubles to know real stats in PMetrics always the service is down.
    Good service, when work. X|


    “I’m inviting everyone to sign up for their free trial of Performancing Metrics.”
    ยฟ Free trial ? Ok, I delete my account maybe tomorrow the service has a cost.


  18. I’m having the same problems as Garri. Suddenly, my stats have almost disappeared. As a matter of fact, they DID disappear yesterday afternoon. When the last couple of days came back online, the numbers had dropped significantly. And, today, I’m showing one visit! Google shows considerably more.
    UPDATE: After reading the help files, I discovered I had an advertising application in the sidebar of my blog that was taking forever to open and appear. I removed it and will see if that makes any difference.
    UPDATE 2: That change seems to have made a difference. I picked up six page views in the half hour since I made the change. I knonw, it helps to read the help files FIRST!

  19. … you do make me chuckle ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can do all the mash-ups you like but if pmetrics isn’t working/or lame then it’s a bit like trying to make mashed potato without the vital ingredient: potatoes!

  20. Something is definitely whack. Data has disappeared from both the metrics site and here, including a few comments I left. Maybe there was a database crash? I don’t know. I do know that everything was fine last night when I went to bed, well, other than the fact that Metrics seemed to be running slow and was vastly underreporting data, but at least it was up to date. I sent David an email yesterday about that but I haven’t heard back.

    It appears the server password has been changed as well, because I can’t login to check things out, which I immediately tried to do this morning when I noticed something was wrong.

    I wish I had more information for everyone, unfortunately I am just the lowly developer of Metrics/Clicky and David is hard to get ahold of ๐Ÿ™


  21. Hey Raj,

    I sent a PM to David Krug last night due to the fact that the all the comments about Pmetrics (above) appeared to have been deleted including mine and now have magically reappeared and now your response and post has gone missing. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit irritated not so much with all the dropouts of data and content on both this site and Pmetrics but more with the fact that there has been absolutely no word or update from anyone about what’s going on.

    With bloggers both personal and professional alike putting content up on Performancing, it would seem a matter of significant importance to keep us up to date on the current problems lest their authors become fed up and go off to more fertile and reliable pastures. Sheesh, I’ve never had to complain about the performance here since I first signed on as a member until now. I definitely don’t like it.

    Problems are okay—they happen. Not keeping your members and readers up to date is unacceptable.

  22. Submitted by Garri on April 4, 2007 – 6:52pm.

    I’m impressed by pmetrics, at least I’ve been dazzled by the clean and unfussy interface, quite refreshing but in last couple of days it has been naff (i.e. doesn’t really work!)

    So, I have a total of 9 visits yesterday, whereas Google has reported 63. Today so far pmetrics is saying I have 1 visit, but it’s way more than that.

    Is there something going on we should know about? Burden on your servers? What?

    This prompts me to suggest that you should think about adding a status option to your top level tabs, and possibly a forum (make it Vanilla). Both of which you of course have feeds.

  23. About an hour ago, there were some comments above by Sean, the PMEtrics/getclicky developer and myself, and they seem to have completely disappeared, along with my last post on the home page. Growing pains. But since I don’t have copies, I can’t reproduce what I wrote, in response to Sean’s comments (about the upcoming API).

  24. Thanks, Sean, for the clarification. I guess Dave Reid’s plugin could do that. What I’m working on are visualization mashups. I’m working on the logistics of producing mini-graphs using PMetrics’ feeds and an existing WordPress plugin called Sparklines. The intent is that it’ll be a simple way for PMetrics users to visualize their visitors’ behaviours.

    I’m also musing over a Google Maps mashup tool called GeoiQ, which allows for geocoding and geographic heat maps. I.e., I could mashup PMetrics data, GeoIQ heat maps, and Google Maps to give an end user a better idea of where their visitors are coming from. If I decide to do that, and can figure out the logistics, I may throw in a time dimension that produces an animated heatmap over time.

    I am doing all this on my own time, on my own dime, so I’m only producing a WordPress version of any plugins. But when possible, if I can produce platform-neutral HTML “badges” without a plugin, I’ll try to do so. (It’ll be depending on the PMetrics API.) And all my code will be Open Source, so anyone wanting to port the code for other blog platforms will be welcome to do so.

  25. Sheesh, why the hostility, Doris… code doesn’t grow on trees you know. It must be carefully planned, nourished and cared for, this takes hard work. If you are fine with your three free analyzers, that’s great, so why are you even trying out Metrics? BTW, it is not “pay only” – there is a free version that is available to most web sites.

    I was going to offer to remove your sites for you, but it looks like that has already been done. Either that or you never registered in the first place?


  26. There will be an API relatively soon but I don’t see why your plugin couldn’t be something that just asked for your PMetrics site ID and then automatically included the javascript file at the bottom of every page? I don’t see the need for an API to log custom data on the fly in the background – that is coming, but is not really intended for this purpose.

    The API will also allow you to export your data to XML on the fly and allow you to do whatever you want with it (mashups, etc). This is actually already done in terms of backend code, now I’m just working on the interface. Well, interface isn’t really the right word but you know what I mean.

    Sean (developer of PMetrics/Clicky)

  27. Looks like stats stopped being taken around 5:40 am, April 1st (stat time) and I see that “Spy” started picking back up around 3:39 pm April 3rd with one visitor shown in “Spy” but nowhere else.

    Any stats that were listed before for April 2nd and 3rd are now gone and stats for those days show zero.

    Just info here. Anyone else see the same thing?

  28. I understand that there will be growing pains when first setting up a metrics system like this but just for the record…

    No stats at all for April 2nd and 3rd and only 3 visitors recorded on April 1st. I don’t have a high traffic blog per say since it’s just a personal one but the figures run around (according to FeedBurner site stats) 17-21 per day. And now it’s also slowing down the load time on the the blog as well (gets stuck one “” for 5-7 seconds) and I usually have a fairly fast loading site.

    I don’t mind the growing pains here but two days with no “Hey guys, we’ve been having problems and this is what’s happening” type thing is a bit much if you know what I mean. So how about a word to the wise? I don’t cater to the idea of any reader clicking on my big old affiliate link (sidebar and article) only to have a 500, 403 or a blank page thrown in their face with no explanation that I can post.

    Makes me look a bit unprofessional even on a personal type blog.

  29. I started getting the internal server error yesterday. When the site returned about an hour later, it looked like the info was missing from that block of time.

    It’s down again.

  30. Keep getting an Internal Server 500 error when attempting to access the Pmetrics main page.

    I’m sure you know already but just in case.

  31. Dave: Yeah, good point. I’ll look into it, but I’m sure the new one doesn’t have any API. Actually, there’s one planned, but not necessarily for collecting the actual metrics. Which is why I’m planning some mashups. I already use Feedburner and BuzzBoost to display my PMetrics numbers in a private blog that is password protected. It’s really simple and i’ll try to post the solution here later in the week.

  32. Ray, I would feel like updating the PMetrics WordPress plugin if an API were available (and possibly a Drupal module since I’m starting to really get into the Drupal APIs with the FeedBurner module I’m currently working on). The only reason I lost interest and time was because of all the developing technical problems that kept occurring with the ‘old’ PMetrics. I would like to also hear a definitive answer from David Krug if or when the old version will ever be open sourced so if it is not we can all just stop hoping.

  33. @Artem: Sorry, but I have nothing to do with the handling of PMetrics (neither new or old versions) and am only answering what I can. David will have to answer that and other questions.

  34. And what about the open source version again?
    It’s ok if you decided not to give it to public, it is also ok if you didn’t make a decision yet. But, please, let us know.

  35. @Kirk: thanks for answering Doris’ question.

    @Doris: David Krug is extremely busy with server admin work and I am not able to answer all the questions. Hence, why I haven’t

    @James: I don’t know, but what I am doing is trying to create free mashups using other tools such as Yahoo Pipes, Teqlo, OpenKapow, Feedburner, Sparklines/Sparkstats, WordPress (plugins), etc., to build a suite of tools to augment PMetrics. I’m doing them on my own time, and thus have no roadmap for completion. But if you have some features in mind, please feel free to post here and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll soon have an ongoing series of Web Analytics posts to help you get the most of out of this PMetrics.

  36. Hi Doris,

    Just so you, I’ve been a member with Performancing for about a year now but am not part of the company per say. With that said, perhaps you misunderstood what’s offered in Pmetrics. The basic service is free of charge for all those with 1000 page views or less and currently includes everything except the RSS and Spy options. I’m not entirely sure if the 1000 page view maximum is per blog or per user account but perhaps someone else can answer that better than I. You can also check the “Learn More” link on Pmetrics main page.

    If you’re wondering how Pmetrics compares to other free services, take a look at the main page of Pmetrics and look for the link that states “Pmetrics vs the competition”. I’ve used every stats engine listed there at one time or another and what the list shows is true enough. You can judge for yourself.

    You get quite a lot in a stats service free of charge with Pmetrics but it’s your choice of course. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t dismiss Pmetrics due to a misunderstanding.

    Have a great day.

  37. Is this what there’s going to be instead of the stats viewer we’ve had all along on here? A “paid only” service?

    Having some sort of blog stat as part of this was really nice, but I have 3 other FREE places that I like just fine – not to mention the stats that come with my hosting, and which have a lot more information than what I was able to get in here was giving me.

    I can see that you’re not answering those who are asking the hard questions – you appear to be just ignoring them – so I can see where this is going. It’s really a shame.

    I guess I probably won’t get an answer to this, either: how do I take my blogs out of the Performancing system?

    Thank you.

  38. Just so you know, setting the cookie and allowing Pmetrics to always set cookies in Firefox’s options seems to have worked just fine. Thanks for the help all.

  39. @dmron,

    Got it! Thanks for the info. I set the cookie first and set Firefox to always accept cookies from the Pmetrics website. I have set Firefox to always clear all private data including cookies upon closing (I do have it set to ask first) and I’m not sure if it will keep the “allowed” cookies or not…we’ll see how that works first then I’ll set the IP to ignore. Now why didn’t I see that?


    I haven’t had the chance to look into Yahoo Pipes yet so I’m totally ignorant of what they do. I’ll have to take a look within the next couple of days so I know what your doing. Updating the filters to allow the (temporary) removal of an IP also would definitely be an good option to add since the user could access this function without having to leave the stats pages and going into their account to reset the cookies and IP addresses which is a more semi-permanent thing. Also, using the filters would offer an instantaneous result as well. Having both would round out an already great metrics system real nice.

    Ain’t I just full of advice though?

    Thanks for your help guys. I knew I was a member of this group for a reason (grin).

  40. IP filtering is available from your user homepage. Click the “ignore” link next to your web site to set the options. From that page you can enter in individual IP addresses to ignore for your stats (only affects them from that point forward though), and you can also set a cookie for the current web browser/computer you are using that will ignore that web browser/computer no matter what the IP address – good for people who travel a lot or have dialup.

  41. Hi Kirk. Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t realize that PMetrics doesn’t filter out IP addresses. I’ll look into. Maybe a later edition will resolve this problem. Another possibility is to take the RSS feed for your website and send it through a Yahoo Pipes pipe, filtering out an IP address. I’ll experiment and see if I can come up with a suitable Pipe.

  42. Hi Raj,

    Thanks for you reply.

    I found the filters early on (one of the first things I look for) and they work great at isolating one IP from the rest of the stats but there appears to be no option for removing one IP from the stats. In other words you can use the filters to see all the data associated with just one IP, browser, OS, etc but I can’t seem to find anyway to remove my IP from the overall stats in order to obtain a more realistic number. If pmetrics shows I have had 100 visitors for example and 18 of them were me working and posting on the blog then the actual number of unique visitors would be 82. It’s easy enough to isolate my IP and count the number of visits I’ve made then subtract them from the overall number but since the filtering system works so well, it would be great if you could use it to remove certain elements from the overall statistics as well. That kind of thing.
    And sorry for the long reply. I get wordy at times. That’s probably the reason I started blogging in the first place. BTW, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and comments over the months among others. Glad your still here.

  43. @KirkM: Kirk, there is a filtering option. Just click on the Visitors tab for the stats of one site and look to the far right. There is a “Filter” link which lets you specify which IP addresses you want to filter out. I haven’t explored deeply yet, so I can’t tell you much more.

  44. There is no option to remove my blog from the system.

    – You should have said clearly you are using GetClicky.
    – I donยดt need paid metrics because I use my own hosting and Google Analytics free, and SiteMeter also free -enough for my needs-

  45. In agreement with Artem, I was really hoping that the plan to open-source Metrics was still on. Any chance of releasing the old code since this is obviously just Clicky integrated with the Performancing user base?

  46. Does it mean that the idea of giving Metrics source code to the public is dead?
    Even the old code?

  47. I also signed up with Pmetrics a couple of days ago and I do like it so far. The only question I have so far is I’m wondering if there will be a way to eliminate myself from the stats themselves either through my IP using the filters (a future update perhaps?) or perhaps my browser user agent as FeedBurner Site stats apparently does? (Pmetrics looks like it blows FB site stats away so far though)

    Either way, Pmetrics looks to be what I’ve been wanting in a stats engine for some time now.

  48. @ Raj They system will prompt u to upgrade feel free to ping me however between now and then Currently you have a premium account.

    @Others yes we are affiliated with clicky.

  49. David: As you know, I’ve been trying Pmetrics out for a few weeks now. Love it, and am working on some Yahoo Pipes, OpenKapow and Teqlo mashups. What I was wondering, though, is how I upgrade to Premium service. I see no link to do so.

    Also, is the $14.99/yr for each site I’ve registered or all of them? For example, I’ve been testing on, say, 10 sites. If I decide to upgrade, do I need to pay $149.99 or $14.99. If the former, can I be selective about which registered sites to upgrade and which to leave in free mode?

  50. Performancing Metrics looks identical to the service offered by Are you an affilate of them? Just what is the relationship?

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