’s 2 Year Anniversary Coming Up…

Sneaking up, rather. Ryan remarked the other day, while we were discussing ‘THAT’ anniversary giveaway, that Perf’s 2 years were almost up. It’s been a down-and-up, entertaining, challenging and strange ride, and while I can’t speak for Raj (the only other current blogger here who’s been around on Perf longer than me – I think), I have Performancing to thank for a lot of good things that have happened to my online career in the last year and a half.

Blogging gigs, networking opportunities, daily insights into blogging and making money online – and in its recent incarnation, blog stats, legal advice for bloggers and free wordpress themes – Performancing has been good to me, and dare I say, good to many other bloggers online (Better writers than I will be able to do more justice – although if you want a peek into exactly how much Performancing offers to pro bloggers, check out this list).

The big day is Thursday, November 8 (Chris confirms). We’re planning a few things for the anniversary (and we’ll announce them next week), but for now I’m open to anything you guys think we should do. I want to do something that actually helps our readers, so while the golden idea of running a contest and offering prizes is there, there should be a special hook to it (something that delivers value to readers, participants and sponsors).


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  1. Performancing reaching its 2nd anniversary. So many excellent posts and great bloggers have led Performancing to its success path.

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