Patrick O’ Keefe On Perfcast

On this weeks edition of Perfcast, our special guest will be Patrick O’ Keefe author of the book, Managing Online Forums. The name might sound familiar to you considering I published a large two part interview with him back in June which you can view here (Part 1 – Part 2) As you might have guessed, David and I will be grilling Patrick on all sorts of issues relating to forums, online communities, and also, running his own blogging network iFroggy. To catch a glimpse of the discussion to take place later today, check out the interview I conducted with Patrick on BloggerTalks this week.

3 thoughts on “Patrick O’ Keefe On Perfcast

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I’ve been visiting your site for a couple of months now and have enjoyed your articles very much. I liked the “Inigo Montoya” article you published about the article on Copyblogger, and on that note, I just thought that I should point out to you that the sentence:

    As you might of guessed

    is incorrect.

    The correct form is

    As you might have guessed

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