PageRank Update, April 2008 – Performancing is still penalized, how about you?

Not that I really care very much about the green pixels, but there’s a Toolbar PageRank update going on right now. You might care. You might make money off the green bar. So go ahead and check!

There’s one thing I know: Performancing was penalized from a PR 7 down to a PR 4. Despite numerous requests for clarification, and numerous “I’m your slave” reinclusion requests, Google has neither responded in word or deed.

So what’s the lesson?

Google is failing to reward the sites, even relatively big sites, that genuinely try to play by the rules. By neglecting our attempts to conform, I think that Google is unintentionally sending a message like this:

We don’t really care. Go back to your old ways of taking sponsored posts, and doing text-link-ads. You’ll make more money that way, and since you’re already penalized, why not make money in the process.

Really, we want to do things by the book. We want to be on Google’s good side. But psychologically, it’s hard to justify a large cut in revenue when Google fails to reward you properly for doing things properly.

17 thoughts on “PageRank Update, April 2008 – Performancing is still penalized, how about you?

  1. Hmmm…my PageRank doesn’t went down however it doesn’t went up! I am stuck with PR3 despite from the fact my site is too active. Maybe Google is playing other business that they don’t want us to know. Hope this problem will be resolve soon.

  2. I have to agree with Ryan that it is frustrating. You get penalized by Google for whatever reason and you make a simple “how can I make things right” request and you never hear back from them. As you say Google is basically saying “We don’t care”.

    To me it seems completely idiotic to display a reinclusion request form that essentially goes nowhere.

    Unfortunately when we build a business upon shifting sand adjustments have to be made.

    Although I am not a blackhatter myself I can see how some people who have worked hard to play by the rules simply decided to say “to heck with trying to do things that are always some nebulous shifting compliance. I’m gonna be like Google and only concern myself with making money”

    Hopefully I will escape the Google plantation soon and move on to true online business freedom.

  3. Well our site remains with the same PR4, so do the new subpages we published back in January!
    I was hoping that the subpages of the site will have some sort of PR instead of being ZERO…but hey, this is GOOGLE world.


  4. My PR also dropped too and I can’t understand why? I think that it might have something to do with the fact I’m on a subdomain and my main blogs PR dropped.

  5. Our site, which is a busy site, dropped a PR, i have looked at many of my competitors, and it looks like people with low quality links have been hit by the PR update. Traffic levels has had no bearing on the update i think. Good amounts of quality not purchased links make the difference. Watch this space.

  6. Well, this is exactly the problem when one company has a monopoly on something. Google has a stranglehold on search, and they have the power to really ruin a lot of people’s businesses. It is unfortunate.

  7. I truly understand where you’re coming. Google slapped my PR too from PR 4 to zero and its been like that all these months. Although the prediction was that I’d get a PR 5, the update gave me a flat zero still.. yeah i used to do those sponsored reviews thing but i’ve stopped the day i got penalized. am still hoping google will give my blog it’s Page rank.

  8. A strange way to interact, indeed. Maybe there’s a hidden obstacle somewhere, who knows?
    My blog went to an initial three at the first round where it participated.

  9. My pagerank didn’t change any; however, my site dropped 13 spots on my targeted serp. From 14 to 27. I’m very peeved.

    Is there any way of telling if you were penalized?

  10. I’ve kept my good old 5 in the pagerank bar. But since we don’t know how old the data rolled out are, your penalty might be removed in realtime values.

  11. I really hear you on that – that’s one of the biggest complaints I have regarding “doing things by the book.” Seems like when big huge PR sweeps occur, white-hat sites will also take the hit with no recourse available.

    Hope you can get it resolved soon!

    Best wishes,


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