Open Source Screen Capture Tool – Lightscreen

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts how I have come to love my purchase of SnagIt which is screen capture software developed by TechSmith. However, I’ve always got my eyes peeled for free alternatives. Today I’d like to feature Lightscreen. Lightscreen is an open source, free application for Windows that enables you to quickly create screen captures. In no particular order, the software contains the following feature set:

  • Directory – You can configure which directory images are stored in after creation
  • Filename – Enables you to create an automatic naming structure for your images
  • Format – Choose between .PNG, .JPG, or .BMP image formats
  • Delay – Program a delay in the form of seconds before the software becomes activated

You can also configure hotkeys for Lightscreen so that the program is only activated by a key stroke combination. Out of the box, Lightscreen supports capturing the entire screen, a window, or user specified screen area. Last but not least, you can configure the image quality for the screenshots.

If you’re looking for just a utility to take screen captures, this tool may be the right one for the job although, I have become increasingly spoiled by the post screen capture editing tools provided by SnagIt. Something Lightscreen does not currently offer.

7 thoughts on “Open Source Screen Capture Tool – Lightscreen

  1. Hi:

    We are a start-up e-learning company looking for a developer to work with us on a product like Captivate or Camtasia.

    Since this will be a proprietery product (not shareware) we are willing to pay for work done. Please contact me if you or someone you know might be interested.


    Vic Cowley

  2. I just need a tool that has more flexibility than printscreen. Lightscreen has the features i’m looking for and the price is right.

  3. Well, wich is better in your opinion, it’s SnagIt or LightScreen ? I have used snagit before, and it satisfy me to use it.

  4. I used lightscreen when I was using windows XP. the program is very small and it makes it a lot easier taking screen shots than using the keyboard shortcuts and mspaint as I was doing.

    Now that i’m using windows 7, I use the built-in snipping tool, which is also pretty cool.

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