Ongoing changes, and progress at Performancing

In line with recent comments on design and content at Performancing, we’ve taken blog posts off of the menu — ie, we’ll be focusing entirely on the support and community forums here.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to post on the loose topic of blogging and related subjects here at Performancing, just that we’ll be using the forums for that purpose instead of a mix of content types — For those looking for a new hosted blog, I’d recommend over Performancing anyday.

Other News

I’ll take this opportunity to catch you guys up with where we’re at currently. The advertiser section of Partners though operational (with some publishers receiving their third ads yesterday i saw…), remains with work to be done but is very, very nearly complete.

We’ve also been working hard on some new Partners features which should be announceable early next week, and the majority of kinks in the publishers section have been ironed out.

All in all, community response and participation in Partners has been astonishing. The good will of the professional blogging community is much appreciated.

As we slowly shape Partners into what it deserves to be, an advertising network with publishers at its core and their income as prime consideration — a network that brings publisher and advertiser closer, a network shaped by its community, we are much in the debt of our members, and appreciate your efforts to make this a success.

Phew, what a mouthful…

Your suggestions, and feedback as always are most welcome.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Ongoing changes, and progress at Performancing

  1. Maybe that logged-in/not logged-in difference explains why I’ve had such a problem figuring out the navigation recently. Because I regularly switch between my computer (where I’m logged in) and another family members (where I’m not)

  2. Nick, Markus is right. I’m logged in and cannot view my blog. But if I go to another browser, where I’m not logged in, I have no trouble.

  3. That definately is weird. I’ll have a look at it markus but suspect there wont be much i can do im afraid..

  4. @Raj: It is only accessible when I am NOT logged in. As I am always logged in I had no chance to see my own blog.

    Just checked that as I read between the lines that you all can see my blog but I obviously couldn’t.

    Resume: To see your own blog you have to log out.

    Funny effect.

  5. @Markus: I’m pretty sure Nick said that the personal blogs were NOT being eliminated, just the ability to add more content. Whatever problem you had, your personal blog is now accessible.

  6. @allen074 an Nick: Yes it would be easy but as Nick mentioned above blogs are not active anymore. He said blogs were taken off the menu but that resulted in blogs beeing switched off. I get a nice error when trying to access my blog:

    Access Denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.

    Pls. check my comment.

  7. Yep, but that tracks everything.

    Right now I am deleting the backlinks to my gone blog if I stumble upon one (like in the BlogBridge forum signature).

    search/node/%22Markus+Merz%22 is not really satisfying.

    And yes, the missing redirect is a personal annoyance as I used i.e. my blog as a reference. And yes, I will have to edit my profile on And yes, the feed is fading too.

    Well, “happiness is a warm gun” … wise words …

  8. Pretty difficult now to get my articles listed. Is there an easy way to only show articles from one author (me?

    I am asking for an easy replacement for the former personal blog link. Otherwise I will have to delete some links at certain places. I don’t care if you call it blog or forum entry but I will for sure miss my easy to link to blog.

    Maybe this can be a FAQ as I believe that some former blog authors might have the same question 🙂

    PS: A redirect from /blog to /user would also be very welcome. “Access denied” is not really the most polite response. As I made a lot of comments on other blogs with my blog address the “Access denied” response should be caught.

  9. That’s great to hear Katie!

    I have put a new block in the sidebar today hoping to fix this, let me know if we’re still missing anything important…

  10. You’ve all done a great job of communicating the changes along the way. I check here regularly, but I’ve appreciated the email updates that I’ve received a couple of times this past week.

    I find myself stumbling around the changes to the sidebar — but I know it’s all part of the overhaul and I’ve never not found what I need.

    I like feeling like I’m a part of the next-new-thing. Even if it will probably be ages before anyone actually wants to buy an ad from me (at least your logo looks cool on my blog.)

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