November payments finally out, apologies for delay

Though I’ve no doubt there will still be some work to do (see below if you have not received payment..), payments finally went out last night to those of you still missing November cheques.

My sincere apologies for the delay. We had some ‘paypal issues’ that were out of our hands but appear to be finally resolved.

If you think you’re missing your payment

First, please double check your emails (payments are made to the email account in your performancing profile). If you really think you’re missing payment, then please comment here, or email [email protected] and let us know and we’ll giet it fixed for you today.

On a happier note…

Im pleased to say this was our biggest payout to date, good job guys, and good luck for December!

2 thoughts on “November payments finally out, apologies for delay

  1. Hey rapnix, you should be all good now. let me know if you didn’t get a payent and i’ll look into it asap!

  2. I got your email the other day when an ad was placed on my site…I cant actually remember when that was tho…got the email about impending payment but received nothing as of yet =(

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