8 thoughts on “Most content is found online, but do you still subscribe to magazines?

  1. Great point.

    It is all on the internet. I do frequent the Wired.com site, so purchasing a Wired subscription might not have been THAT important, but I also wish to have some stuff published in magazines in the future. (Also, it was only a dollar an issue.) If that is ever going to happen, I must familiarize myself with the magazines I wish to write for.

    Yes, all the content is online, but, then again, you can’t blog 24/7. You have to read and take in information if you want to become a successful blogger. This is particularly true of the tech industry.

    I’m considering subscribing to PC World and PC Magazine as well.

    Just a question of balancing it all out.

  2. Actually, I’ve never subscribed to magazines, I’ve usually purchased them separately from a bookstore. The exception is Wired magazine which I did subscribe to because their writers are awesome and it was only 1$ an issue. I’ve come to find out though that all the stuff in the magazine is posted on their website and associated blogs.

    I’m having a hard time reading any printed material because I feel like I could be blogging during that time.

  3. There is something about holding a magazine or a book in my hands that I can’t get w/reading the info on the internet. I love the feel of the pages, the act of turning the page, the ability to completely become engrossed in nothing but what I read. I tried reading e-books, but the appeal isn’t there, and I have no patience for the magazine’s website like Wired.com. When I read a magazine the pages don’t change, if I read an article and want to go back most of the time I remember the issue and even what side the article is on, if I try to find the same article on the website so I can link to something it is a bitch to find. lol I’ve had a love affair with paper all my life and as much as I like the internet Magazines better not go away :'(

    Popular Science
    Anime Insider
    I read my dad’s VFW magazine b/c it is pretty awesome, but I wish they would get new, more interesting writers >_< every once in a while when I have the money I buy Photoshop, photography magazines, and Mac magazines are interesting too :O... *I love reading* lol did you know that there is a magazine for FACEBOOK :O..and a couple of different ones for hackers which cracks me up...and probably if you looked real hard there's one for everything.

  4. Sounds like a nice set of reading material. I agree about seeing the whole picture. I also like to be able to lay down in bed and read a magazine right before I go to bed. It helps me get away from the computer and sleep faster.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. I subscribe to a lot and try to read them the day they come in to prevent them from disappearing in a pile.

    Mother Jones

    I find they give me a broader overview that the internet can give. I miss things when I focus on certain topics on the net. Print magazines bring back to seeing a whole picture.

  6. What do you subscribe to?

    I have a few magazine subscriptions. I recently subscribed to three magazines last month: Wired, Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics. I’m also currently a subscriber to Sports Illustrated.

    All of the content could easily be found online for free, but I do so anyways. When I’m able to sit down—away from the computer—and read, I find that a lot of ideas come to mind for new articles. I’ve never seen a magazine for bloggers (and doubt we ever will see one soon), but that would be an interesting read.

    I believe Jeff is still subscribed to Wired.

    Anyways, if you subscribe to magazines, let us know what they are!

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