How Do You Define Blog

Whenever I tell someone who isn’t as internet savvy as I am that I make money blogging, they always ask me what a blog is. When I stop to think about it, defining the term “blog” has been rather difficult for me and has always resulted in debating with myself what the differences are between a website and a blog. I end up telling this person that a blog is a personal website which is updated frequently, which in most cases it is. But how would that explain sites such as Engadget, ReadWriteWeb or TechCrunch. These are not personal websites, they are online businesses.

Let’s take a trip to Google and make use of the define:blog query and see what happens:

  • A Blog style within Mambo is the listing of records in a summary form. Example: It could be by link only, or showing just the introductory text with a link to the complete text. Often the “News” page is written in Blog style.
  • Web LOG is a journal kept on the internet. This journal is often updated daily and contains all information that the person maintaining the BLOG (Blogger) wishes to share with the world. …

These were just the first five results with each one being a little bit different. What is a blog to you? Do you find yourself arguing the differences between a blog and a website? Are they not one in the same? Furthermore, what can be constituted as a blog rather than a website?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Define Blog

  1. lol looks like a good start. I guess the photoblog was a given since ppl call them that already…for some reason I think infog sounds really cool for information as ironic as it sounds.

  2. I see. I suppose that would work out if enough people were to jump on board. I think you and I could begin the train ride with which words to use. Lets get it started.

    Techlog – A blog about technology in any fashion
    Photoblog – A blog based on photography
    Audiblog – A blog about music or sounds
    Autolog – A blog about automobiles and cars
    Geeklog – A blog about geeky stuff
    Infoblog – A blog about information, statistics and analysis

  3. :O Actually I just came up with a completely random idea..Maybe there should be a different word for each kind of blog. Like tech blogs could have a word, self-help a different word, photography another, etc. so that rather than debate whether its a blog or a website we could discuss whether it is in the right category lol. The problem would be educating on what each of the different words stood for rather than what a general word “blog” stood for…and who would come up with the words? …okay that was my really odd over-analyzing of the question of the post and I shall stop :O

  4. I think of a blog as a journal of personality, thoughts, ideas, research, and a sprinkling of other things. I can’t consider some of the places you named as blogs, because to me–they are jumbles of just information, much like a research website (well in my opinion anyways). Granted there are personalities between different writers and the ideas and research is there, I just can’t think of them as blogs. lol I’m just a spaz that way ….

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