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After the defining a blog post was published, a commenter by the name of SierraK came up with an interesting idea.

Actually I just came up with a completely random idea..Maybe there should be a different word for each kind of blog. Like tech blogs could have a word, self-help a different word, photography another, etc. so that rather than debate whether its a blog or a website we could discuss whether it is in the right category lol. The problem would be educating on what each of the different words stood for rather than what a general word “blog” stood for…and who would come up with the words?

I’ve seen this in action already with technology blogs being called Techlogs while Photography blogs are called Photoblogs.

I thought I would open this idea up to the Performancing community in the form of a game. The rules are, come up with a category name for a blog which pertains to a subject. Let’s see how many different ones we can come up with before we run out of ideas, or they begin to overlap each other. I’ll get us started.

  • Techlog – A blog about technology in any fashion
  • Photoblog – A blog based on photography
  • Audiblog – A blog about music or sounds
  • Autolog – A blog about automobiles and cars
  • Geeklog – A blog about geeky stuff
  • Infoblog – A blog about information, statistics and analysis

Ok, now its your turn.

11 thoughts on “Name That Blog Category

  1. Those are some good ones, with infolog and ecoblog being ones that are familiar to me, not to mention the good ole splog.

  2. A splog – a blog created automatically by spam 🙂
    An infoblog – a blog informing people about random things
    A ecoblog – a blog about environmental influences
    A erolog – a blog about, well.. you know

    Could be going on for ages..

  3. I’ve never heard if the Vizjrnl term before, but I have seen a couple of uses for Sketchblog

  4. I’ve known some people to run a sketchblog like my friend Mitchell Brietweiser. It is similar to a photoblog, except it consists of scanned sketches. My personal website has what I call a Vizjrnl, a visual journal. My original idea was to post sketches, photos, and Photoshop collages, but it’s evolved from that.

  5. PlaceBlog: a blog devoted to covering the events/people/news of a particular community

  6. Wow, I’m sure that term Blawg could cause quite a bit of confusion.

  7. Dear all,

    I found two blog terminology that seems have been accepted by the specific community.

    They are:

    (1) Blook – a blook is a short for ‘blog book’ coined in 2006.

    (2) Blawg – is a blog focusing on commentary about the law, generally written by a law professor, law student, or lawyer.


    Fred Chan

  8. Heh, I thought for sure that after screenog, I was going to see you say eggnog.

  9. Nice. Thats the kind of stuff I’m looking for. If you say Gossiblog out loud, it actually sounds like you’re saying Gossip Blog making the word a total fit.

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