Monetization Tips And Strategies

Katy over at I’m Blogging That has published a great article that goes in depth on choosing a monetization strategy. Her post covers various monetization strategies such as banner advertising, choosing an ad service, ad placement, and much more. Of particular interest to me was Katy’s thoughts on pricing.

Everyone that comes to you for banner advertising will do so for different reasons. Because of this, there should be some things you take into consideration when choosing how to price out your banner advertising spots.

  • How many banners will you have in one area?
  • Will banners be rotating?
  • Will you be using the no follow attribute on links?
  • Do you have traffic that will click on banners/links?
  • What is your PageRank?
  • What is your Alexa Rank?

It’s only my opinion that the more banners you have in one area, the less you charge for them. If you choose to rotate banners in a single position, the charge should be even less.

I’ll be trying to monetize my own site in the not to distant future and Katy’s article serves as a good primer into the realm of monetization. Other articles related to this topic on Performancing include:

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  1. Interesting that this movement is still taking place. I have actually used the DoFollow plugin on my own blog to promote DoFollow as a perk for commenting but over time, I am beginning to wonder if everything as nofollow is actually a better idea. Tell you what, I’ve received plenty of spam comments on the post which talked about DoFollow. Go figure!

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