The Nitrous Theme For WordPress: Performancing’s August 2008 Theme

Our most popular free theme releases of the past have been Brian Gardner designed themes (yes, the Brian Gardner of Revolution fame). So all WordPress theme conoisseurs will be glad to know that this month we’re releasing Brian’s latest theme, Nitrous.

Besides it’s ultra-clean look, perhaps the coolest feature of Nitrous is the way it can auto-generate drop-down navigational menus using your WordPress pages and sub-pages. This allows you to give your readers lots of navigational options, without cluttering up the nav bar.

Nitrous comes with a built-in header image, but this can easily be swapped out to fit the theme of your blog.

Click here to see what Nitrous looks like on a live blog.
Click here to download the Nitrous theme.

4 thoughts on “The Nitrous Theme For WordPress: Performancing’s August 2008 Theme

  1. Looks great not flashy easy to work with. I like the way it is designed and noticed it supports drop downs. Simple but clean with good lines.

  2. Looks excellent and very clean but I get feeling that it lacks width a bit. I guess people with 800×600 will appreciate that but at 1440×900 it’s a looot of wasted screen space.

  3. This theme has a clean look as you said and features Brians style. I like the color scheme but am wondering if it supports tags.

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