12 thoughts on “Microsoft + Yahoo! – Good or Bad?

  1. Creepy, yes, but possibly by design? (Uh oh, conspiracy theorist man opens his mouth again.)

  2. We need to hope that a lot of Yahoo’s property will work alongside the Microsft Live team, the only part of MS that seems to be doing anything interesting and innovative lately. I just realised today how much stake I’ve got in Yahoo products – Flickr, Jumpcut, del.icio.us are the big ones, but what else am I forgetting?

    If this goes through, just about all my online data will be owned by either Google or Microsoft. Creepy.

  3. If this goes through, I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t reinstate their old way of doing things: buying up inexpensive software and burying it into a $1,000 package. In other words, I hope they keep Yahoo Pipes and other tools free and in development.

  4. Google has made my life a bit tough at times and they are not very forgiving. So I would say having anyone come a little closer may make them rethink a few things.

    I have used Microsoft products since they have been around and I taught their products for about that long as well. I like Microsoft even if they do make a big mess of software.

    Make the deal and start breathin’ down Google’s neck.

  5. Man, it’s two companies that need to get their own houses in order. Neither of them is executing on anything. Combining them? Man, that will be a mess.

  6. unfortunately, 2nd place. But I’ve been endorsing this marriage since the rumors started early last year.

  7. If this becomes reality, another 3rd option will arise. Let’s hope it’s not based on search.

  8. I think an agressive second place will get Google in check so it is good news. I just hope they look after flickr better than Yahoo! did

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