Matt Cutts Gets Crunched – My First Attempt At Script Writing (how’d I do?)

Alright, so I didn’t script the whole show. But if you watch to the very, very end you’ll see my first stab where I give a shoutout to my friends Graywolf, Sugarrae and the epicyclist who’s currently building a perpetual motion machine, Matt Cutts.

I’d be very interested to know what ya’ll think. I’ve been thinking about quitting the whole SEO / blogging world and going full time into comedy writing. Do I have a shot?

9 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Gets Crunched – My First Attempt At Script Writing (how’d I do?)

  1. I thought it was pretty funny. I think you may have a tough time with it though because there are already a lot of network shows like this. E! and VH1. Fox Reality also has their Reality Talk show.

    Tough crowd to please.

  2. Yes, I agree with Chris. It would have to be a guy. She’s kind of pretending there’s someone off to the side, but a co-host could work. It’d sort of be like SNL’s “news” segment. But keep the emphasis on Sarah. She is naturally funny, but sometimes she has bad lines to work with. (Not often, but a few times.)

  3. I am glad it wasn’t just me thought that. She seems a genuinely funny person. It would be good for her to have another presenter to bounce off, kind of a celeb version of diggnation

  4. I think the show is improving each time, just don’t quit your day job until the writers strike is over 😛

  5. Probably Sarah’s best delivery yet. And tell her to keep wearing red, and i don’t mean red dot 😉

    She also did a great job delivering your lines. SEOs and pretenders will get the joke.

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